Viruses (2018) 10 (11 - 584)

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Yukiyoshi Mizutani, Adane Abraham, Kazuma Uesaka, Hideki Kondo, Haruhisa Suga, Nobuhiro Suzuki and Sotaro Chiba (2018)
Novel mitoviruses and a unique Tymo-like virus in hypovirulent and virulent strains of the Fusarium head blight fungus, Fusarium boothii
Viruses 10 (11 - 584)
Abstract: Hypovirulence of phytopathogenic fungi are often conferred by mycovirus(es) infections and for this reason many mycoviruses have been characterized, contributing to a better understanding of virus diversity. In this study, three strains of Fusarium head blight fungus (Fusarium boothii) were isolated from Ethiopian wheats as dsRNA-carrying strains: hypovirulent Ep-BL13 (>10, 3 and 2.5 kbp dsRNAs), and virulent Ep-BL14 and Ep-N28 (3 kbp dsRNA each) strains. The 3 kbp-dsRNAs shared 98% nucleotide identity and have single ORFs encoding a replicase when applied to mitochondrial codon usage. Phylogenetic analysis revealed these were strains of a new species termed Fusarium boothii mitovirus 1 in the genus Mitovirus. The largest and smallest dsRNAs in Ep-BL13 appeared to possess single ORFs and the smaller was originated from the larger by removal of its most middle part. The large dsRNA encoded a replicase sharing the highest amino acid identity (35%) with that of Botrytis virus F, the sole member of the family Gammaflexiviridae. Given that the phylogenetic placement, large genome size, simple genomic and unusual 3'-terminal RNA structures were far different from members in the order Tymovirales, the virus termed Fusarium boothii large flexivirus 1 may form a novel genus and family under the order.
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