Virus Genes (2009) 38, 178-183

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Dongmei Jiang, Shan Peng, Zujian Wu, Zhuomin Cheng and Shifang Li (2009)
Genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of Australian Grapevine Viroid (AGVd) isolated from different grapevines in China
Virus Genes 38 (1), 178-183
Abstract: Australian grapevine viroid (AGVd) is found in only three countries in the world. Here, the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships of AGVd isolates from three different grape varieties (Thomson Seedless, Jingchuan and Zaoyu) in China were studied. A hundred of independent cDNA clones from each of the three isolates, in total of 300, were sequenced. We identified 29 sequence variants including two predominant ones in Thomson Seedless, and 48 each including a unique predominant one in Jingchuan and Zaoyu. In silico structure analysis revealed that base changes were clustered in the left terminal domain of the predicted secondary structure in all three isolates. Further, these changes were shown to affect their secondary structures to varying degrees. Genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of four predominant sequence variants from this study, plus four others from Australia and Tunisia, revealed obvious regional disparity and variety-specificity in AGVd.
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