Virus Genes (2008) 36, 221-229

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Aleksandra Obrepalska-Steplowska, Katarzyna Nowaczyk, Marta Budziszewska, Anna Czerwoniec and Henryk Pospieszny (2008)
The sequence and model structure analysis of three Polish Peanut stunt virus strains
Virus Genes 36 (1), 221-229
Abstract: Peanut stunt virus (PSV) belongs to the Cucumovirus genus of the family Bromoviridae and is widely distributed worldwide, also in Poland. PSV is a common pathogen of a wide range of economically important plants. Its coat protein (CP), similarly as in other viruses, plays an important role in many processes during viral life cycle and has great impact on the infectivity. In this study, we present the results of sequence-structure analysis of CP derived from three Polish strains of PSV: PSV Ag, G, and P. Sequences were determined using RT-PCR amplification followed by sequencing and compared with each other and also with CP from other known PSV viruses. We analyzed their phylogenetic relationship, based on CP sequence, using bioinformatic tools as well as their spatial model using homology-modeling approach with combination of ROSETTA algorithm for de novo modeling. We compared our model with those recently obtained for other cucumoviruses including PSV-Er. Our results have shown that all Polish strains probably belong to the first subgroup of PSV viruses. Homology level between strains Ag and G proved very high. Using theoretical modeling approach we obtained a model very similar to the one resolved previously with the differences caused by slightly different amino acid sequence. We have also undertaken an attempt to analyze its distant regions; however, results are not unequivocal. Analysis of symptoms and their correlation with specific amino acid position was also performed on the basis of results published elsewhere. The definite interpretation is impeded by the presence of satellite RNAs in Ag and P strains modulating symptoms' severity, though.
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