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Publications of Vincent G.M. Bus (22 listed):

Plant Disease (2020) 104, 2074-2081
Andrea Patocchi, Andreas Wehrli, Pierre-Henri Dubuis, Annemarie Auwerkerken, Carmen Leida, Guido Cipriani, Tom Passey, Martina Staples, Frédérique Didelot, Vincent Philion, Andreas Peil, Hannes Laszakovits, Thomas Rühmer, Klemens Boeck, Danas Baniulis, Klaus Strasser, Radek Vávra, Walter Guerra, Sylwester Masny, Franz Ruess, Fanny Le Berre, Hilde Nybom, Stefano Tartarini, Andreas Spornberger, Anna Pikunova and Vincent G.M. Bus (2020)
Ten years of VINQUEST: First insight for breeding new apple cultivars with durable apple scab resistance

BMC Plant Biology (2019) 19 (532) - Mapping of Erwinia
Andreas Peil, Christine Hübert, Annette Wensing, Mary Horner, Ofere Francis Emeriewen, Klaus Richter, Thomas Wöhner, David Chagné, Carolina Orellana-Torrejon, Munazza Saeed, Michela Troggio, Erika Stefani, Susan E. Gardiner, Magda-Viola Hanke, Henryk Flachowsky and Vincent G.M. Bus (2019)
Mapping of fire blight resistance in Malus ×robusta 5 flowers following artificial inoculation

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2019) 32, 1463-1467
Shakira Johnson, Dan Jones, Amali H. Thrimawithana, Cecilia H. Deng, Joanna K. Bowen, Carl H. Mesarich, Hideo Ishii, Kyungho Won, Vincent G.M. Bus and Kim M. Plummer (2019)
Whole genome sequence resource of the Asian pear scab pathogen Venturia nashicola

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2018) 151, 533-539
Andreas Peil, Andrea Patocchi, Magda-Viola Hanke and Vincent G.M. Bus (2018)
Apple cultivar Regia possessing both Rvi2 and Rvi4 resistance genes is the source of a new race of Venturia inaequalis

Molecular Plant Pathology (2016) 17, 159-172
Héloïse Bastiaanse, Heather C.M. Bassett, Christopher Kirk, Susan E. Gardiner, Cecilia Deng, Remmelt Groenworld, David Chagné and Vincent G.M. Bus (2016)
Scab resistance in 'Geneva' apple is conditioned by a resistance gene cluster with complex genetic control

Molecular Breeding (2016) 36 (47) - A QTL detected in an ...
Sara Montanari, Laure Perchepied, Déborah Renault, Linda Frijters, Riccardo Velasco, Mary Horner, Susan E. Gardiner, David Chagné, Vincent G.M. Bus, CharlesEric Durel and Mickael Malnoy (2016)
A QTL detected in an interspecific pear population confers stable fire blight resistance across different environments and genetic backgrounds

Molecular Breeding (2015) 35 (45) - Identification of SNPs linked ...
Melanie Jänsch, Giovanni A.L. Broggini, Juliane Weger, Vincent G.M. Bus, Susan E. Gardiner, Heather Bassett and Andrea Patocchi (2015)
Identification of SNPs linked to eight apple disease resistance loci

Plant Disease (2015) 99, 370-375
Valérie Caffier, Andrea Patocchi, Pascale Expert, Marie-Noëlle Bellanger, Charles-Eric Durel, Maja Hilber-Bodmer, Giovanni A.L. Broggini, Remmelt Groenwold and Vincent G.M. Bus (2015)
Virulence characterization of Venturia inaequalis reference isolates on the differential set of Malus hosts

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2014) 140, 69-81
Matthew D. Clark, Vincent G.M. Bus, James J. Luby and James M. Bradeen (2014)
Characterization of the defence response to Venturia inaequalis in 'Honeycrisp' apple, its ancestors, and progeny

Molecular Breeding (2014) 34, 2179-2189
Kyungho Won, Héloïse Bastiaanse, Yoon Kyeong Kim, Jang Hoon Song, Sam Seog Kang, Han Chan Lee, Kang Hee Cho, Lester Brewer, Gagandeep Singla, Susan E. Gardiner, David Chagné and Vincent G.M. Bus (2014)
Genetic mapping of polygenic scab (Venturia pirina) resistance in an interspecific pear family

Journal of Chemical Ecology (2013) 39, 643-652
Ashraf M. El-Sayed, Lyn Cole, John Revell, Lee-Anne Manning, Andrew Twidle, Alan L. Knight, Vincent G.M. Bus and David M. Suckling (2013)
Apple volatiles synergize the response of codling moth to pear ester

Annual Review of Phytopathology (2011) 49, 391-413
Vincent G.M. Bus, Erik H.A. Rikkerink, Valérie Caffier, Charles-Eric Durel and Kim M. Plummer (2011)
Revision of the nomenclature of the differential host-pathogen interactions of Venturia inaequalis and Malus

Molecular Plant Pathology (2011) 12, 105-122
Joanna K. Bowen, Carl H. Mesarich, Vincent G.M. Bus, Robert M. Beresford, Kim M. Plummer and Matthew D. Templeton (2011)
Venturia inaequalis: the causal agent of apple scab

Euphytica (2006) 148, 235-242
V.G.M. Bus, C. Ranatunga, P.A. Alspach, N.C. Oraguzie and C. Whitworth (2006)
A partial diallel study of powdery mildew resistance in six apple cultivars under three growing conditions with different disease pressures

Journal of Insect Science (2005) 5 (27), 1-7
W.R.M. Sandanayaka and V.G.M. Bus (2005)
Evidence of sexual reproduction of woolly apple aphid, Eriosoma lanigerum, in New Zealand

Journal of Applied Entomology (2005) 129, 534-541
W.R.M. Sandanayaka, V.G.M. Bus and P. Connolly (2005)
Mechanisms of woolly aphid [Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausm.)] resistance in apple

Molecular Breeding (2005) 15, 103-116
V.G.M. Bus, E.H.A. Rikkerink, W.E. van de Weg, R.L. Rusholme, S.E. Gardiner, H.C.M. Bassett, L.P. Kodde, L. Parisi, F.N.D. Laurens, E.J. Meulenbroek and K.M. Plummer (2005)
The Vh2 and Vh4 scab resistance genes in two differential hosts derived from Russian apple R12740-7A map to the same linkage group of apple

New Phytologist (2005) 166, 1035-1049
Vincent G.M. Bus, François N.D. Laurens, W. Eric van de Weg, Rachel L. Rusholme, Erik H.A. Rikkerink, Susan E. Gardiner, Heather C.M. Bassett, Linda P. Kodde and Kim M. Plummer (2005)
The Vh8 locus of a new gene-for-gene interaction between Venturia inaequalis and the wild apple Malus sieversii is closely linked to the Vh2 locus in Malus pumila R12740-7A

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2003) 108, 1-10
C.H. Wearing, K. Colhoun, G.F. McLaren, B. Attfield and V.G.M. Bus (2003)
Evidence for single gene resistance in apple to brownheaded leafroller, Ctenopseustis obliquana, and implications for resistance to other New Zealand leafrollers

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata (2003) 109, 63-72
W.R.M. Sandanayaka, V.G.M. Bus, P. Connolly and R. Newcomb (2003)
Characteristics associated with Woolly Apple Aphid Eriosoma lanigerum, resistance of three apple rootstocks

Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science (2002) 127, 245-253
James J. Luby, Peter A. Alspach, Vincent G.M. Bus and Nnadozie C. Oraguzie (2002)
Field resistance to fire blight in a diverse apple (Malus sp.) germplasm collection

Theoretical and Applied Genetics (1996) 93, 485-493
S.E. Gardiner, H.C.M. Bassett, D.A.M. Noiton, V.G. Bus, M.E. Hofstee, A.G. White, R.D. Ball, R.L.S. Forster and E.H.A. Rikkerink (1996)
A detailed linkage map around an apple scab resistance gene demonstrates that two disease resistance classes both carry the Vf gene