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Publications of Victor Gaba (21 listed):

Annals of Applied Biology (2020) 176, 109-121
Alexander Ssamula, Anthony Okiror, Liat Avrahami-Moyal, Yehudit Tam, Victor Gaba, Richard W. Gibson, Amit Gal-On, Settumba B. Mukasa and Peter Wasswa (2020)
Factors influencing reversion from virus infection in sweetpotato

Plant Pathology (2019) 68, 229-238
L. Chalupowicz, A. Dombrovsky, V. Gaba, N. Luria, M. Reuven, A. Beerman, O. Lachman, O. Dror, G. Nissan and S. Manulis-Sasson (2019)
Diagnosis of plant diseases using the Nanopore sequencing platform

Archives of Virology (2019) 164, 1691-1695
Liat Avrahami-Moyal, Yehudit Tam, Noa Sela, Shanmugam Prakash, Yael Meller Harel, Menachem Bornstein, Ran Shulchani, Zion Dar and Victor Gaba (2019)
Characterization of Potato virus Y populations in potato in Israel

Phytoparasitica (2017) 45, 591-598
Liat Avrahami-Moyal, Yehudit Tam, Marina Brumin, Shanmugam Prakash, Diana Leibman, Malenia Pearlsman, Menachem Bornstein, Noa Sela, Mouhammad Zeidan, Zion Dar, Uri Zig, Amit Gal-On and Victor Gaba (2017)
Detection of Potato virus Y in industrial quantities of seed potatoes by TaqMan Real Time PCR

Archives of Virology (2015) 160, 2727-2739
Diana Leibman, Shanmugam Prakash, Dalia Wolf, Aaron Zelcer, Ghandi Anfoka, Sabrina Haviv, Marina Brumin, Victor Gaba, Tzahi Arazi, Moshe Lapidot and Amit Gal-On (2015)
Immunity to Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in transgenic tomato is associated with accumulation of transgene small RNA

Molecular Plant Pathology (2013) 14, 185-190
Laura Chalupowicz, Dan Weinthal, Victor Gaba, Guido Sessa, Isaac Barash and Shulamit Manulis-Sasson (2013)
Polar auxin transport is essential for gall formation by Pantoea agglomerans on gypsophila

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2011) 24, 1220-1238
Diana Leibman, Dalia Wolf, Vinod Saharan, Aaron Zelcer, Tzahi Arazi, Shiboleth Yoel, Victor Gaba and Amit Gal-On (2011)
A high level of transgenic viral small RNA is associated with broad potyvirus resistance in cucurbits

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2010) 128, 153-164
Victor Gaba, Arie Rosner, Ludmilla Maslenin, Diana Leibman, Sima Singer, Emre Kukurt, Yoel M. Shiboleth and Amit Gal-On (2010)
Hairpin-based virus resistance depends on the sequence similarity between challenge virus and discrete, highly accumulating siRNA species

European Journal of Plant Pathology (2010) 128, 289-302
Dan M. Weinthal, Sara Yablonski, Sima Singer, Isaac Barash, Shulamit Manulis-Sasson and Victor Gaba (2010)
The type III effector PthG of Pantoea agglomerans pv. gypsophilae modifies host plant responses to auxin, cytokinin and light

Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2007) 73, 7552-7561
Dan M. Weinthal, Isaac Barash, Mary Panijel, Lea Valinsky, Victor Gaba and Shulamit Manulis-Sasson (2007)
Distribution and replication of the pathogenicity plasmid pPATH in diverse populations of the gall-forming bacterium Pantoea agglomerans

Phytoparasitica (2004) 32, p. 185 (Weinthal et al.)
D.M. Weinthal, D. Ezra, I. Barash, V. Gaba and S. Manulis (2004)
pthG from Pantoea agglomerans pv. gypsophilae encodes an avirulence effector that determines incompatibility in multiple beet species
lecture presented at the 25th Congress of the Israeli Phytopathological Society, Febr. 2004, Bet Dagan, Israel

Journal of General Virology (2004) 85, 3135-3147
Yongzeng Wang, Tzvi Tzfira, Victor Gaba, Vitaly Citovsky, Peter Palukaitis and Amit Gal-On (2004)
Functional analysis of the Cucumber mosaic virus 2b protein: pathogenicity and nuclear localization

Archives of Virology (2004) 149, 379-396
Y. Wang, K.C. Lee, V. Gaba, S.M. Wong, P. Palukaitis and A. Gal-On (2004)
Breakage of resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus by co-infection with Zucchini yellow mosaic virus: enhancement of CMV accumulation independent of symptom expression

Molecular Plant Pathology (2004) 5, 105-113
David Ezra, Isaac Barash, Dan M. Weinthal, Victor Gaba and Shulamit Manulis (2004)
pthG from Pantoea agglomerans pv. gypsophilae encodes an avirulence effector that determines incompatibility in multiple beet species

Phytopathology (2002) 92, 51-58
Yongzeng Wang, Victor Gaba, Jie Yang, Peter Palukaitis and Amit Gal-On (2002)
Characterization of synergy between Cucumber mosaic virus and potyviruses in cucurbit hosts

Virus Genes (2000) 20, 11-17
Yongzeng Wang, Victor Gaba, Dalia Wolf, Xiao-Di Xia and Amit Gal-On (2000)
Identification of a novel plant virus promoter using a potyvirus infectious clone

Journal of Virology (1998) 72, 5268-5270
Amit Gal-On, Eti Meiri, Benjamin Raccah and Victor Gaba (1998)
Recombination of engineered defective RNA species produces infective potyvirus in planta

Journal of General Virology (1997) 78, 1765-1769
G. Yang, M. Mawassi, L. Ashoulin, R. Gafny, V. Gaba, A. Gal-On and M. Bar-Joseph (1997)
A cDNA clone from a defective RNA of Citrus tristeza virus is infective in the presence of the helper virus

Phytoparasitica (1997) 25, 218-219
A. Gal-On, E. Meiri, B. Raccah and V. Gaba (1997)
Potyviral recombination using particle bombardment of plants
The Xth International Congress of Virology, August 11-16, 1996, Binyanei haOoma, Jerusalem, Israel, lecture

Phytoparasitica (1996) 24, p. 347 (Gal-On et al.)
A. Gal-On, Efrat Meiri, H. Huet, W.J. Hua, B. Raccah and V. Gaba (1996)
An efficient method for the transfection of plants by particle bombardment with cloned potyvirus
The Ninth International Symposium on Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants, March 17-22, 1996, Herzliya, Israel, lecture

Journal of General Virology (1995) 76, 3223-3227
A. Gal-On, E. Meiri, H. Huet, W.J. Hua, B. Raccah and V. Gaba (1995)
Particle bombardment drastically increases the infectivity of cloned DNA of zucchini yellow mosaic potyvirus