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Vicia sativa (click on image to enlarge it)
Author: Kristian Peters
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Vicia (weeds) L. - (vetches)

The genus Vicia contains more than 200 species of leguminous plants, found mainly in temperate and subtropical regions. Several species are cultivated as forage crops or as field crops, like broad bean (Vicia faba), but some are agricultural weeds. Common vetch, Vicia sativa, is a forage crop as well as a weed that affects crops like cereals or vegetables.

Many vetches are climbing vines with compound leaves and elongated leaflets. The flowers resemble those of peas and are white, bluish or yellow. The pods usually contain 2 to 6 seeds.

Type species: Vicia sativa

Currently, the following species of weeds have been entered into the system: