Tropical Plant Pathology (2010) 35, 24-31

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Maria Fernanda A. Cruz, Ariano M. Prestes, João L.N. Maciel and Pedro L. Scheeren (2010)
Resistência parcial à brusone de genótipos de trigo comum e sintético nos estádios de planta jovem e de planta adulta
[Partial resistance to blast on common and synthetic wheat genotypes in seedling and in adult plant growth stages]
Tropical Plant Pathology 35 (1), 24-31
Abstract: Wheat blast caused by Pyricularia grisea was first reported in Brazil in 1985 in the state of Paraná. From then on, researchers have been looking for resistant genotypes to blast disease among Brazilian wheat germplasm. The objective of this work was to determine the level of partial resistance of synthetic and common wheat genotypes in young and adult plant growth stages. In young plant tests 70 wheat genotypes were challenged by 18 isolates of P. grisea. Twelve of the 70 genotypes were selected for adult plant tests. Among all genotypes evaluated BRS 229, BRS 179, CNT 8, BRS 120, and BRS Buriti showed better resistance level when tested at young plant growths stages. However, CNT 8, NE 20156-B, PF 844001, PF 964009 and PF 804002 showed less leaf and head area affected by blast in adult plant.
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(original language: Portuguese)
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