Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2021) 134, 887-896

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Huagang He, Haonan Du, Renkang Liu, Tianlei Liu, Lijun Yang, Shuangjun Gong, Zongxiang Tang, Haimei Du, Cheng Liu, Ran Han, Weihong Sun, Lei Wang and Shanying Zhu (2021)
Characterization of a new gene for resistance to wheat powdery mildew on chromosome 1RL of wild rye Secale sylvestre
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 134 (3), 887-896
Abstract: The genus Secale is an important resource for wheat improvement. The Secale species are usually considered as non-adapted hosts of Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici (Bgt) that causes wheat powdery mildew. However, as a wild species of cultivated rye, S. sylvestre is rarely studied. Here, we reported that 25 S. sylvestre accessions were susceptible to isolate BgtYZ01, whereas the other five confer effective resistance to all the tested isolates of Bgt. A population was then constructed by crossing the resistant accession SESY-01 with the susceptible accession SESY-11. Genetic analysis showed that the resistance in SESY-01 was controlled by a single dominant gene, temporarily designated as PmSESY. Subsequently, combining bulked segregant RNA-Seq (BSR-Seq) analysis with molecular analysis, PmSESY was mapped into a 1.88 cM genetic interval in the terminus of the long arm of 1R, which was closely flanked by markers Xss06 and Xss09 with genetic distances of 0.87 cM and 1.01 cM, respectively. Comparative mapping demonstrated that the corresponding physical region of the PmSESY locus was about 3.81 Mb in rye cv. Lo7 genome, where 30 disease resistance-related genes were annotated, including five NLR-type disease resistance genes, three kinase family protein genes, three leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein kinase genes and so on. This study gives a new insight into S. sylvestre that shows divergence in response to Bgt and reports a new powdery mildew resistance gene that has potential to be used for resistance improvement in wheat.
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