Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2019) 132, 1389-1396

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Louis K. Prom, Ezekiel Ahn, Thomas Isakeit and Clint Magill (2019)
GWAS analysis of sorghum association panel lines identifies SNPs associated with disease response to Texas isolates of Colletotrichum sublineola
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 132 (5), 1389-1396
Abstract: Sorghum association panel (SAP) lines were scored over several years for response to Colletotrichum sublineola, the causal agent of the disease anthracnose. Known resistant and susceptible lines were included each year to verify successful inoculation. Over 79,000 single-nucleotide polymorphic (SNP) loci from a publicly available genotype by sequencing dataset available for the SAP lines were used with TASSEL association mapping software to identify chromosomal locations associated with differences in disease response. When the top-scoring SNPs were mapped to the published sorghum genome, in each case, the nearest annotated gene has precedence for a role in host defense.
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