Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2013) 126, 93-99

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L. Gong, B.S. Hulke, T.J. Gulya, S.G. Markell and L.L. Qi (2013)
Molecular tagging of a novel rust resistance gene R12 in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 126 (1), 93-99
Abstract: Sunflower production in North America has recently suffered economic losses in yield and seed quality from sunflower rust (Puccinia helianthi Schwein.) because of the increasing incidence and lack of resistance to new rust races. RHA 464, a newly released sunflower male fertility restorer line, is resistant to both of the most predominant and most virulent rust races identified in the Northern Great Plains of the USA. The gene conditioning rust resistance in RHA 464 originated from wild Helianthus annuus L., but has not been molecularly marked or determined to be independent from other rust loci. The objectives of this study are to identify molecular markers linked to the rust resistance gene and to investigate the allelism of this gene with the unmapped rust resistance genes present in HA-R6, HA-R8 and RHA 397. Virulence phenotypes of seedlings for the F2 population and F2:3 families suggested that a single dominant gene confers rust resistance in RHA 464, and this gene was designated as R12. Bulked segregant analysis identified ten markers polymorphic between resistant and susceptible bulks. In subsequent genetic mapping, the ten markers covered 33.4 cM of genetic distance on linkage group 11 of sunflower. A co-dominant marker CRT275-11 is the closest marker distal to R12 with a genetic distance of 1.0 cM, while ZVG53, a dominant marker linked in the repulsion phase, is proximal to R12 with a genetic distance of 9.6 cM. The allelism test demonstrated that R12 is not allelic to the rust resistance genes in HA-R6, HA-R8 and RHA 397, and it is also not linked to any previously mapped rust resistance genes. Discovery of the R12 novel rust resistance locus in sunflower and associated markers will potentially support the molecular marker-assisted introgression and pyramiding of R12 into sunflower breeding lines.
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