Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2012) 125, 121-131

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Zhao Liu, Thomas J. Gulya, Gerald J. Seiler, Brady A. Vick and Chao-Chien Jan (2012)
Molecular mapping of the Pl16 downy mildew resistance gene from HA-R4 to facilitate marker-assisted selection in sunflower
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 125 (1), 121-131
Abstract: The major genes controlling sunflower downy mildew resistance have been designated as Pl genes. Ten of the more than 20 Pl genes reported have been mapped. In this study, we report the molecular mapping of gene Pl 16 in a sunflower downy mildew differential line, HA-R4. It was mapped on the lower end of linkage group (LG) 1 of the sunflower reference map, with 12 markers covering a distance of 78.9 cM. One dominant simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker, ORS1008, co-segregated with Pl 16 , and another co-dominant expressed sequence tag (EST)-SSR marker, HT636, was located 0.3 cM proximal to the Pl 16 gene. The HT636 marker was also closely linked to the Pl 13 gene in another sunflower differential line, HA-R5. Thus the Pl 16 and Pl 13 genes were mapped to a similar position on LG 1 that is different from the previously reported Pl 14 gene. When the co-segregating and tightly linked markers for the Pl 16 gene were applied to other germplasms or hybrids, a unique band pattern for the ORS1008 marker was detected in HA-R4 and HA-R5 and their F1 hybrids. This is the first report to provide two tightly linked markers for both the Pl 16 and Pl 13 genes, which will facilitate marker-assisted selection in sunflower resistance breeding, and provide a basis for the cloning of these genes.
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