Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2011) 122, 119-128

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C. Burt, T.W. Hollins and P. Nicholson (2011)
Identification of a QTL conferring seedling and adult plant resistance to eyespot on chromosome 5A of Cappelle Desprez
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122 (1), 119-128
Abstract: Eyespot is an economically important fungal disease of wheat and other cereals caused by two fungal species: Oculimacula yallundae and Oculimacula acuformis. However, only two eyespot resistance genes have been characterised and molecular markers made available to plant breeders. These resistances are Pch1, introduced into wheat from the relative Aegilops ventricosa, and Pch2, originally identified in the cultivar Cappelle Desprez (CD). There are drawbacks associated with both resistances; Pch1 is linked to deleterious traits carried on the Ae. ventricosa introgression and Pch2 has been shown to have limited effectiveness. An additional resistance has been reported on chromosome 5A of CD that confers resistance to eyespot in adult plants. In the present study, we demonstrate that resistance on this chromosome is effective against both O. yallundae and O. acuformis eyespot pathogens and confers resistance at both seedling and adult plant stages. This resistance was mapped in both seedling bioassays and field trials in a 5A recombinant population derived from a cross between CD and a CD single chromosome substitution line carrying 5A from the susceptible line Bezostaya. The resistance was also mapped using seedling bioassays in a 5A recombinant population derived from a cross between the susceptible line Chinese Spring (CS) and a single chromosome substitution line carrying 5A from CD. A single major QTL on the long arm of chromosome 5A was detected in all experiments. Furthermore, the SSR marker Xgwm639 was found to be closely associated with the resistance and could be used for marker-assisted selection of the eyespot resistance by plant breeders.
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