Theoretical and Applied Genetics (2009) 118, 1045-1057

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Natalie H. Chapman, Christopher Burt and Paul Nicholson (2009)
The identification of candidate genes associated with Pch2 eyespot resistance in wheat using cDNA-AFLP
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 118 (6), 1045-1057
Abstract: Eyespot is a fungal disease of the stem base of cereal crops and causes lodging and the premature ripening of grain. Wheat cultivar Cappelle Desprez contains a highly durable eyespot resistance gene, Pch2 on the long arm of chromosome 7A. A cDNA-amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) platform was used to identify genes differentially expressed between the eyespot susceptible variety Chinese Spring (CS) and the CS chromosome substitution line Cappelle Desprez 7A (CS/CD7A) which contains Pch2. Induced and constitutive gene expression was examined to compare differences between non-infected and plants infected with Oculimacula acuformis. Only 34 of approximately 4,700 cDNA-AFLP fragments were differentially expressed between CS and CS/CD7A. Clones were obtained for 29 fragments, of which four had homology to proteins involved with plant defence responses. Fourteen clones mapped to chromosome 7A and three of these mapped in the region of Pch2 making them putative candidates for involvement in eyespot resistance. Of particular importance are two fragments; 4CD7A8 and 19CD7A4, which have homology to an Oryza sativa putative callose synthase protein and a putative cereal cyst nematode NBS-LRR disease resistance protein (RCCN) respectively. Differential expression associated with Pch2 was examined by semi-quantitative RT-PCR. Of those genes tested, only four were differentially expressed at 14 days post inoculation. We therefore suggest that a majority of the differences in the cDNA-AFLP profiles are due to allelic polymorphisms between CS and CD alleles rather than differences in expression.
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