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This template is used for listing genera of families and other taxonomic groups higher than the genus level. It is similar to Template:CategoryMembers, but determines and lists the category of each member instead of the members themselves. Call this template, for example as:



  1. It is possible that in some cases red links will appear in the output list (if species are entered under 2 categories), see the note under Template:GetCategory3. In such cases a new template might need to be constructed.
  2. It is best to use the template at the end of a page, because additional text might appear on the right side of the 2nd column if there is enough room on the page.
  3. In some cases it is desirable to exclude some categories from the list, e.g. "{{CategoryMembers3|Hypocreales}}" would include the category "Fusarium oxysporum" as well as "Fusarium (genus)". In such cases use Template:CategoryMembers3a to avoid such "double" listings.