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Publications of T. Kirisits (12 listed):

Forest Pathology (2016) 46, 336-340
T.L. Cech, K. Schwanda, M. Klosterhuber, L. Straßer and T. Kirisits (2016)
Eutypella canker of maple: first report from Germany and situation in Austria

Forest Pathology (2015) 45, 254-257
T. Kirisits (2015)
Ascocarp formation of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus on several-year-old pseudosclerotial leaf rachises of Fraxinus excelsior

Forest Pathology (2015) 45, 274-280
K. Kräutler, R. Treitler and T. Kirisits (2015)
Hymenoscyphus fraxineus can directly infect intact current-year shoots of Fraxinus excelsior and artificially exposed leaf scars

Forest Pathology (2015) 45, 430-432
T. Kirisits and K. Schwanda (2015)
First definite report of natural infection of Fraxinus ornus by Hymenoscyphus fraxineus

Forest Pathology (2013) 43, 386-389
T. Kirisits, L. Dämpfle and K. Kräutler (2013)
Hymenoscyphus albidus is not associated with an anamorphic stage and displays slower growth than Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus on agar media

Forest Pathology (2012) 42, 437-440
T.L. Cech, E. Halmschlager, C. Stauffer and T. Kirisits (2012)
First report of Mycosphaerella dearnessii on Pinus nigra var. nigra in Austria

Plant Pathology (2010) 59, p. 411 (Kirisits et al.)
T. Kirisits, M. Matlakova, S. Mottinger-Kroupa, E. Halmschlager and F. Lakatos (2010)
Chalara fraxinea associated with dieback of narrow-leafed ash (Fraxinus angustifolia)

Forest Pathology (2010) 40, 100-110
T. Kirisits (2010)
Fungi isolated from Picea abies infested by the bark beetle Ips typographus in the Bialowieza forest in north-eastern Poland

Forest Pathology (2007) 37, 40-50
T. Kirisits, H. Konrad, E. Halmschlager, C. Stauffer, M.J. Wingfield and D.B. Chhetri (2007)
Sirococcus shoot blight on Picea spinulosa in Bhutan

Forest Pathology (2007) 37, 22-39
H. Konrad, C. Stauffer, T. Kirisits and E. Halmschlager (2007)
Phylogeographic variation among isolates of the Sirococcus conigenus P group

Plant Pathology (2002) 51, 359-364
T. Kirisits and I. Offenthaler (2002)
Xylem sap flow of Norway spruce after inoculation with the blue-stain fungus Ceratocystis polonica

International Congress of Plant Pathology (1998) Kirisits et al. - Ophiostomatoid fungi ...
T. Kirisits, M.J. Wingfield and D.B. Redfern (1998)
Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with the larch bark beetle Ips cembrae in Central Europe and in Scotland
Edinburgh, U.K. (9 - 16 Aug. 1998), Poster presented in section: Diseases of woody plants: biology, management and control