Systematic Entomology (1997) 22, 333-344

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Andrew Jensen (1997)
Redefinition of the aphid genus Sitobion Mordvilko (Hemiptera: Aphididae) based on cladistic analyses, with emphasis on North American species
Systematic Entomology 22 (4), 333-344
Abstract: A hypothesis of monophyly for the aphid genus Sitobion is tested using cladistics. A diverse sample of thirty Sitobion species from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America were included, along with six species of Macrosiphum, eight new species similar to some Sitobion, one species of Illinoia, and Dysaphis tulipae (Boyer de Fonscolombe) as outgroup. A matrix of forty-seven taxa and forty-eight characters was analysed in paup, resulting in a set of thirty-nine equally parsimonious cladograms. Despite a high degree of homoplasy in the data, the results show that Sitobion is not a monophyletic group. The endemic North American species, along with two pteridophyte-feeding species from Europe, clearly belong to a separate lineage from the other Eurasian and African species. The endemic North American species are more closely related to the type species of Macrosiphum and Illinoia than to Sitobion avenae (Fabr.), the type species of Sitobion. Two species are placed as junior synonyms of Sitobion alopecuri (Takahashi): Macrosiphum (Sitobion) salicicornii Richards, syn.n. and Sitobion sylvestri Hille Ris Lambers; syn.n. Twelve species previously listed in Sitobion are placed in Macrosiphum with six new combinations: Macrosiphum adianti (Oestlund); Macrosiphum clydesmithi Robinson, comb.n.; Macrosiphum cystopteris Robinson; Macrosiphum dryopteridis (Holman), comb.n.; Macrosiphum equiseti (Holman), comb.n.; Macrosiphum insularis (Pergande); Macrosiphum lambi Robinson, comb.n.; Macrosiphum ptericolens Patch; Macrosiphum pteridis Wilson, Macrosiphum rhamni (Clarke); Macrosiphum walkeri Robinson, comb.n.; Macrosiphum woodsiae Robinson, comb.n. Two synonyms are reinstated as valid species: Macrosiphum occidentalis (Essig) and Macrosiphum pteridis Wilson.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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