Sugarcane bacilliform virus

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chlorotic freckles on sugarcane leaves infected with a badnavirus
Author(s): R. Viswanathan, ICAR-SBI, Coimbatore, India
Source: Viruses, 2016, vol. 8 (6) no. 177

Sugarcane bacilliform virus (SCBV)

The virus is widely distributed in sugarcane growing regions, causing yield losses in some cultivars. The symptoms are variable and depend on the susceptibility of the sugarcane cultivar. Severe symptoms include chlorotic mottling, stunting and freckles. However, many infected plants are symptomless. Apart from sugarcane, the virus can infect other members of the Poaceae family like rice, sorghum, johnsongrass and Panicum. Transmission occurs through mealybugs (e.g. Sacharicoccus sachhari) and infected cuttings.

The virus has a circular and double-stranded DNA genome with 7.5 - 8 kilobase pairs. Seven phylogenic groups of the virus have been described, based on their DNA sequences. Some strains show close serological relationship to the Banana streak viruses.