Suberoteratosphaeria suberosa

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symptoms caused by Suberoteratosphaeria suberosa on eucalypt leaf (click on image to enlarge it)
Authors: P.W. Crous et al.
Source: Studies in Mycology (2019) 94, p. 264

Suberoteratosphaeria suberosa (Crous, F.A. Ferreira, Alfenas & M.J. Wingf.) Quaedvlieg & Crous 2014

This fungus is found in Australia, New Zealand and South America. It causes corky leaf spot on Eucalyptus trees as well as lesions on stems and leaf petioles. The ascospores are hyaline to pale brown and when germinating become brown, verruculose with two or multiple germ tubes.

Mycosphaerella suberosa
Teratosphaeria suberosa