Studies in Mycology (2017) 86, 217-296

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I.C. Senanayake, P.W. Crous, J.Z. Groenewald, S.S.N. Maharachchikumbura, R. Jeewon, A.J.L. Phillips, J.D. Bhat, H. Perera, Q.R. Li, W.J. Li, N. Tangthirasunun, Norphanphoun, S.C. Karunarathna, Camporesi, I.S. Manawasighe, A.M. Al-Sadi and K.D. Hyde (2017)
Families of Diaporthales based on morphological and phylogenetic evidence
Studies in Mycology 86 (1), 217-296
Abstract: Diaporthales is an important ascomycetous order comprising phytopathogenic, saprobic, and endophytic fungi, but interfamilial taxonomic relationships are still ambiguous. Despite its cosmopolitan distribution and high diversity with distinctive morphologies, this order has received relativelyiaceae, Macrohilaceae, Melanconidaceae, Pseudoplagiostomaceae, Schizoparmaceae, Stilbosporaceae and Sydowiellaceae. Taxonomic uncertainties among genera are also clarified and recurrent discrepancies in the taxonomic position of families within the Diaporthales are discussed. An updated outline and key to families and genera of the order is presented.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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Cryphonectria parasitica
Diaporthe eres
Diaporthe rudis
Apiognomonia (genus)
Pseudoplagiostoma eucalypti
Harknessia (anamorphic genus)
Gnomonia (genus)
Cytospora chrysosperma
Coniella (genus)
Gnomoniopsis (genus)