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Geotrichum candidum symptoms on peach fruit (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Liberato JR, McTaggart AR, Shivas RG
Source: PaDIL

Saccharomycetes - Saccharomycetales

The ascomycete class of Saccharomycetes contains only the order of Saccharomycetales which represents the true yeasts. They are mainly unicellular fungi. Hyphae can also be formed which then have septa with pores. Multiplication is predominantly through budding of the invidual cells. These can also produce asci.

Some species are plant pathogenic and cause for example sour rot on citrus fruits. Others are beneficial and are used as antagonists, e.g. to protect fruits from storage rots.

This page deals with plant pathogens only. For beneficial species see the Saccharomycetales (antagonists).

The following genera are currently entered under this group: