Sacbrood virus

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virion structure of Sacbrood virus
Author(s): Michaela Procházková, Tibor Füzik, Karel Škubník, Jana Moravcová, Zorica Ubiparip, Antonín Přidal, and Pavel Plevka
Source: PNAS (2018) 115 (30) 7759-7764
honey bee larva killed by the Sacbrood virus
Authors: United States Dept. of Agriculture
Source: Flickr

Sacbrood virus (SBV)

The virus causes the lethal sacbrood disease of honeybee larvae which is especially destructive in the Asian honeybee Apis cerana. Infected larvae turn pale yellow and fail to pupate with virus particles accumulating underneath the unshed skin, forming a sac. Adult honeybees can also become infected, having a shorter lifespan but no other symptoms. There is no specific drug available for treatment, but the use of dsRNA against the virus is being explored. The virus belongs to the genus Iflavirus.

In Asia, several strains of the Sacbrood virus have been described that infect Apis cerana, see for example the:
Chinese sacbrood virus