Russian Journal of Genetics (2008) 44, 553-558

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G.V. Ben'kovskaya, M.B. Udalov and E.K. Khusnutdinova (2008)
The genetic base and phenotypic manifestations of Colorado potato beetle resistance to organophosphorus insecticides
Russian Journal of Genetics 44 (5), 553-558
Abstract: A high level of resistance to organophosphorus insecticides was recorded in a local population of the Colorado potato beetle (Ufa district, Bashkortostan). Toxicological analysis demonstrated that the fraction of susceptible individuals did not exceed 0.025. DNA analysis of the polymorphism of acetylcholinesterase gene (AChE) according to the presence of mutation 980A>G in the sample of Colorado potato beetle imagoes demonstrated the absence of wild-type (sensitive, SS) homozygotes and prevalence (0.79) of the homozygotes with mutant resistant type (RR). The phenetic analysis of the variation of the integument pattern phenes demonstrated statistically significant differences between the imago phenotypes in the ratio of SS and RR genotypes.
Original Russian Text © G.V. Ben'kovskaya, M.B. Udalov, E.K. Khusnutdinova, 2008, published in Genetika, 2008, Vol. 44, No. 5, pp. 638-644.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
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