Rumex (weeds)

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Rumex obtusifolius (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Richard Old, XID Services, Inc.
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Rumex (weeds) L. - (docks)

This genus contains around 150 species of herbaceous plants which are found mainly in temperate regions. A number are important agricultural weeds like broadleaf dock, Rumex obtusifolius, or curly dock, R. crispus. They affect crops like cereals, soybean or alfalfa and can be also a problem in turf. Some species are poisonous to livestock whereas others are eaten.

The plants have an erect stem and a deep taproot. The leaves are often large and fleshy. Inflorescences grow on the upper stem, out of the axils, and contains dense clusters of small flowers.

Currently, the following weedy species have been entered into the system: