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Publications of Roberta Roberti

Phytopathologia Mediterranea (2012) 51, 317-331
Roberta Roberti, Annarita Veronesi and Flavio Flamigni (2012)
Evaluation of microbial products for the control of zucchini foot and root rot caused by Fusarium solani f. sp. cucurbitae race 1

Journal of Plant Pathology (2007) 89, p. S64 (Veronesi et al.)
A. Veronesi, C. Sigala, G. Alberoni and R. Roberti (2007)
Detection and physiological characterization of Fusarium solani f. sp. cucurbitae race 1 from sheltered zucchini cultivations in Emilia Romagna
Poster Presentation at S.I.Pa.V XIV National Meeting - Perugia, Italy 19-21 Sept. 2007

Journal of Phytopathology (2006) 154, 100-109
R. Roberti, F. Badiali, A. Pisi, A. Veronesi, D. Pancaldi and A. Cesari (2006)
Sensitivity of Clonostachys rosea and Trichoderma spp. as potential biocontrol agents to pesticides

Journal of Plant Pathology (2004) 86, p. 336 (Veronesi et al.)
A. Veronesi, R. Roberti, A. Finestrelli, A. Cesari and A. Pisi (2004)
Control of Didymella bryoniae (Auersw.) Rehm by Trichoderma longibrachiatum
XI Meeting, Italian Society for Plant Pathology, Milan, 29/9 - 1/10, 2004 (poster)