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Publications of Richard E. Baird (21 listed):

Plant Disease (2019) 103, 804-807
Phillip A. Wadl, Brian M. Mack, Shannon B. Beltz, Geromy G. Moore, Richard E. Baird, Timothy A. Rinehart, Thomas J. Molnar, Margaret E. Staton, Denita Hadziabdic and Robert N. Trigiano (2019)
Development of genomic resources for the powdery mildew, Erysiphe pulchra

Mycopathologia (2010) 169, 395-402
D. Hunter Perry, Maria Tomaso-Peterson and Richard Baird (2010)
Seasonal variation in frequency of isolation of Ophiosphaerella korrae from bermudagrass roots in Mississippi and pathogenicity and optimal growth of selected isolates

Mycopathologia (2010) 170, 169-180
Richard E. Baird, Phillip A. Wadl, Thomas Allen, David McNeill, Xinwang Wang, John K. Moulton, Timothy A. Rinehart, Hamed K. Abbas, Thomas Shier and Robert N. Trigiano (2010)
Variability of United States isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina based on simple sequence repeats and cross genus transferability to related genera within Botryosphaeriaceae

Molecular Ecology Resources (2009) 9, 946-948
Richard E. Baird, Phillip A. Wadl, Xinwang Wang, Denita H. Johnson, Timothy A. Rinehart, Hamed K. Abbas, Thomas Shier and Robert N. Trigiano (2009)
Microsatellites from the charcoal rot fungus (Macrophomina phaseolina)

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 198 (Stanosz et al.)
G.R. Stanosz, D.R. Smith, S.W. Fraedrich, R.E. Baird and A. Mangini (2009)
Diplodia pinea, the cause of Diplodia blight of pines, confirmed in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 482 (Perry et al.)
D.H. Perry, M. Tomaso-Peterson and R. Baird (2008)
First report of Ophiosphaerella herpotricha causing spring dead spot of bermudagrass in Mississippi

Mycopathologia (2006) 161, 93-99
R.E. Baird, R.N. Trigiano, G. Windham, P. Williams, R. Kelley, H.K. Abbas, J.K. Moulton and M.L. Scruggs (2006)
Comparison of aflatoxigenic and nonaflatoxigenic isolates of Aspergillus flavus using DNA amplification fingerprinting techniques

Mycopathologia (2004) 157, 191-199
R.E. Baird, D.E. Carling, C.E. Watson, M.L. Scruggs and P. Hightower (2004)
Effects of nematicides on cotton root mycobiota

Mycopathologia (2004) 158, 363-368
R. Baird, W. Batson, C. Watson and P. Hightower (2004)
Evaluation of transgenic cotton varieties and a glyphosate application on seedling disease incidence

Plant Disease (2003) 87, 563-566
Richard E. Baird, Clarence E. Watson and Mary Scruggs (2003)
Relative longevity of Macrophomina phaseolina and associated mycobiota on residual soybean roots in soil

Phytopathology (2002) 92, 893-899
D.E. Carling, R.E. Baird, R.D. Gitaitis, K.A. Brainard and S. Kuninaga (2002)
Characterization of AG-13, a newly reported anastomosis group of Rhizoctonia solani

Mycopathologia (2001) 150, 15-27
K.W. Roy, R.E. Baird and T.S. Abney (2001)
A review of soybean (Glycine max) seed, pod, and flower mycofloras in North America, with methods and a key for identification of selected fungi

Journal of Nematology (2000) 32, 550-555
R.F. Davis, R.E. Baird and R.D. McNeill (2000)
Efficacy of cotton root destruction and winter cover crops for suppression of Hoplolaimus columbus

Plant Disease (2000) 84, 785-788
R.E. Baird, R.D. Gitaitis, D.E. Carling, S.M. Baird, P.J. Alt and B.G. Mullinix (2000)
Determination of whole-cell fatty acid profiles for the characterization and differentiation of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani AG-4 and AG-7

Plant Disease (2000) 84, p. 1156 (Baird et al.)
R. Baird, W. Batson, D. Carling and M. Scruggs (2000)
First report of Rhizoctonia solani AG-7 on cotton in Mississippi

Plant Disease (1999) 83, p. 487 (Baird et al.)
R.E. Baird and J.H. Brock (1999)
First report of Macrophomina phaseolina on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) in Georgia

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 832 (Baird et al.)
R.E. Baird and D.E. Carling (1997)
First report of Rhizoctonia solani AG-7 in Georgia

Plant Disease (1997) 81, p. 551 (Baird et al.)
R.E. Baird, R.D. Gitaitis and G.A. Herzog (1997)
First report of cotton lint rot by Pantoea agglomerans in Georgia

Plant Disease (1997) 81, 530-534
R.E. Baird, B.G. Mullinix, A.B. Peery and M.L. Lang (1997)
Diversity and longevity of the soybean debris mycobiota in a no-tillage system

Phytopathology (1996) 86, p. S66 (Mullinix et al.)
B.G. Mullinix and R.E. Baird (1996)
Statistical analysis of isolation from frequency data of selected fungi when variances are heterogeneous

Journal of Nematology (1996) 28, 661-667
R.E. Baird, R.F. Davis, P.J. Alt, B.G. Mullinix and G.B. Padgett (1996)
Frequency and geographical distribution of plant-parasitic nematodes on cotton in Georgia