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Publications of Ramon G. Leon (28 listed):

Pest Management Science (2021) 77, 12-21
Ramon G. Leon, Jeffrey C. Dunne and Fred Gould (2021)
The role of population and quantitative genetics and modern sequencing technologies to understand evolved herbicide resistance and weed fitness

Pest Management Science (2020) 76, 1386-1392
Joseph E. Hunter III, Travis W. Gannon, Robert J. Richardson, Fred H. Yelverton and Ramon G. Leon (2020)
Integration of remote-weed mapping and an autonomous spraying unmanned aerial vehicle for site-specific weed management

Pest Management Science (2020) 76, 3887-3895
Lovreet S. Shergill, Lauren M. Schwartz-Lazaro, Ramon Leon, Victoria J. Ackroyd, Michael L. Flessner, Muthukumar Bagavathiannan, Wesley Everman, Jason K. Norsworthy, Mark J. VanGessel and Steven B. Mirsky (2020)
Current outlook and future research needs for harvest weed seed control in North American cropping systems

Weed Research (2019) 59, 235-244
E.A.L. Jones, M.D.K. Owen and R.G. Leon (2019)
Influence of multiple herbicide resistance on growth in Amaranthus tuberculatus

Weed Technology (2018) 32, 392-397
David G. Pearsaul, Ramon G. Leon, Brent A. Sellers, Maria L. Silveira and D. Calvin Odero (2018)
Evaluation of verticutting and herbicides for tropical signalgrass (Urochloa subquadripara) control in turf

Weed Science (2018) 66, 715-720
Theresa Reinhardt and Ramon G. Leon (2018)
Extractable and germinable seedbank methods provide different quantifications of weed communities

Weed Science (2018) 66, 180-189
Washington Bravo, Ramon G. Leon, Jason A. Ferrell, Michael J. Mulvaney and C. Wesley Wood (2018)
Evolutionary adaptations of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) to nitrogen fertilization and crop rotation history affect morphology and nutrient-use efficiency

Agronomy Journal (2018) 110, 1068-1078
Ramon G. Leon and David L. Wright (2018)
Recurrent changes of weed seed bank density and diversity in crop—livestock systems

Weed Science (2018) 66, 317-323
Ramon G. Leon and Rocio van der Laat (2018)
Herbicidal and seed dormancy induction activity of fermentation residual vinasse

Weed Technology (2017) 31, 46-52
Benjamin P. Sperry, Jason A. Ferrell, Hunter C. Smith, Venancio J. Fernandez, Ramon G. Leon and Clyde A. Smith (2017)
Effect of sequential applications of protoporphyrinogen oxidase-inhibiting herbicides on Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) control and peanut response

Weed Science (2017) 65, 339-349
Washington Bravo, Ramon G. Leon, Jason A. Ferrell, Michael J. Mulvaney and C. Wesley Wood (2017)
Differentiation of life-history traits among Palmer amaranth populations (Amaranthus palmeri) and its relation to cropping systems and glyphosate sensitivity

Weed Technology (2016) 30, 823-837
Steven A. Fennimore, David C. Slaughter, Mark C. Siemens, Ramon G. Leon and Mazin N. Saber (2016)
Technology for automation of weed control in specialty crops

Weed Technology (2016) 30, 271-278
Daniel G. Abe, Brent A. Sellers, Jason A. Ferrell, Ramon G. Leon and D. Calvin Odero (2016)
Weed control in Florida pastures with the use of aminocyclopyrachlor

Weed Technology (2016) 30, 76-84
Ramon G. Leon, Jason A. Ferrell and Brent A. Sellers (2016)
Seed production and control of sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia) and pitted morningglory (Ipomoea lacunosa) With 2,4-d, dicamba, and glyphosate combinations

Weed Science (2015) 63, 828-838
Rocio van der Laat, Micheal D.K. Owen, Matt Liebman and Ramon G. Leon (2015)
Postdispersal weed seed predation and invertebrate activity density in three tillage regimes

Weed Science (2015) 63, 623-630
Ramon G. Leon, Jordi Izquierdo and José Luis González-Andújar (2015)
Characterization and modeling of itchgrass (Rottboellia cochinchinensis) biphasic seedling emergence patterns in the tropics

Weed Technology (2014) 28, 694-702
Neeta Soni, Ramon G. Leon, John E. Erickson, Jason A. Ferrell, Maria L. Silveira and Mihai C. Giurcanu (2014)
Vinasse and biochar effects on germination and growth of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri), sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia), and southern crabgrass (Digitaria ciliaris)

Weed Technology (2014) 28, 734-738
Jason Ferrell, Brent Sellers and Ramon Leon (2014)
Management of spreading pricklypear (Opuntia humifusa) with fluroxypyr and aminopyralid

Weed Research (2011) 51, 404-412
P.P. Sanguankeo and R.G. León (2011)
Weed management practices determine plant and arthropod diversity and seed predation in vineyards

Weed Science (2009) 57, 103-107
Paolo P. Sanguankeo, Ramon G. Leon and Julian Malone (2009)
Impact of weed management practices on grapevine growth and yield components

Weed Technology (2008) 22, 719-723
Ramon G. Leon and Dylan T. Ferreira (2008)
Interspecific differences in weed susceptibility to steam injury

Weed Research (2007) 47, 335-344
R.G. Leon, D.C. Bassham and M.D.K. Owen (2007)
Thermal and hormonal regulation of the dormancy-germination transition in Amaranthus tuberculatus seeds

Weed Science (2006) 54, 1037-1044
Ramon G. Leon and Micheal D.K. Owen (2006)
Tillage systems and seed dormancy effects on common waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) seedling emergence

Weed Science (2006) 54, 305-315
Ramon G. Leon, Diane C. Bassham and Micheal D.K. Owen (2006)
Germination and proteome analyses reveal intraspecific variation in seed dormancy regulation in common waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)

Weed Technology (2005) 19, 847-854
Ramon G. Leon, Micheal D.K. Owen, David H. Soh and Gregory L. Tylka (2005)
Absence of interactive responses of early soybean (Glycine max) growth to soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines), postemergence herbicides, and soil pH and texture

Weed Science (2004) 52, 67-73
Ramon G. Leon, Allen D. Knapp and Micheal D.K. Owen (2004)
Effect of temperature on the germination of common waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus), giant foxtail (Setaria faberi), and velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)

Weed Science (2004) 52, 531-537
Ramon G. Leon and Micheal D.K. Owen (2004)
Artificial and natural seed banks differ in seedling emergence patterns

Weed Science (2003) 51, 752-758
Ramon G. Leon and Micheal D.K. Owen (2003)
Regulation of weed seed dormancy through light and temperature interactions