Pucciniales (weed pathogens)

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Puccinia tanaceti infection of Artemisia dracunculus (click on image to enlarge it)
Author(s): Cesar Calderon, USDA APHIS PPQ
Source: IPM Images

Pucciniales (weed pathogens) - (rust fungi, against weeds)

The rust fungi are obligate plant parasites with many species causing diseases on crops. However, various species are specialized on certain weeds and are regarded as useful natural enemies. This page deals with the latter group. The Pucciniales often have a complex life cycle with two hosts, one for asexual reproduction and another one for sexual reproduction. Both reproduction forms involve the formation of different spore types.

Please note that this page only deals with weed pathogens, for other groups of Pucciniales see:

The following genera and individual species are currently entered as weed bioagents under this order: