Plants (2021) 10 (12 - 2723)

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Ivan Tsers, Azat Meshcherov, Olga Gogoleva, Olga Petrova, Natalia Gogoleva, Mira Ponomareva, Yuri Gogolev, Viktor Korzun and Vladimir Gorshkov (2021)
Alterations in the transcriptome of rye plants following the Microdochium nivale infection: Identification of resistance/susceptibility-related reactions based on RNA-Seq analysis
Plants 10 (12 - 2723)
Abstract: Microdochium nivale is a progressive and devastating phytopathogen that causes different types of cereal crop and grass diseases that are poorly characterized at the molecular level. Although rye (Secale cereale L.) is one of the most resistant crops to most of the phytopathogens, it is severely damaged by M. nivale. The recent high-quality chromosome-scale assembly of rye genome has improved whole-genome studies of this crop. In the present work, the first transcriptome study of the M. nivale-infected crop plant (rye) with the detailed functional gene classification was carried out, along with the physiological verification of the RNA-Seq data. The results revealed plant reactions that contributed to their resistance or susceptibility to M. nivale. Phytohormone abscisic acid was shown to promote plant tolerance to M. nivale. Flavonoids were proposed to contribute to plant resistance to this pathogen. The upregulation of plant lipase encoding genes and the induction of lipase activity in M. nivale-infected plants revealed in our study were presumed to play an important role in plant susceptibility to the studied phytopathogen. Our work disclosed important aspects of plant-M. nivale interactions, outlined the directions for future studies on poorly characterized plant diseases caused by this phytopathogen, and provided new opportunities to improve cereals breeding and food security strategies.
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