Planta Daninha (2003) 21, S105-S108

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D. Martins, E.D. Velini, R.A. Piteli, M.S. Tomazella and E. Negrisoli (2003)
Ocorrência de plantas aquáticas nos reservatórios da Light-RJ
[Ocurrence of aquatic plants in the Light-RJ reservoirs]
Planta Daninha 21 (special issue), S105-S108
Abstract: This study aimed to describe the aquatic weeds infesting the Light-Electric System S.A. reservoirs, located in Pirai-RJ, Brazil. The survey was carried out from July to September 1998. The reservoirs analyzed were: Vigario, Pereira Passos and Lajes, with 19, 9 and 15 points being sampled, respectively. Sampled geographic coordinates were marked in each point and a visual estimate was made of the percentage of river water occupied by the aquatic plants. After plant identification, the most frequent species and their distribution were determined as follows: Brachiaria arrecta (Hack.) Stent.; Egeria densa Planch.; Eichhornia azurea (Sw.) Kunth.; Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms.; Hymenachne amplexicaulis (Rudge) Nees.; Panicum rivulare Trin.; Pistia stratiotes L.; Polygonum spp.; Sagittaria montevidensis Cham.and Schlecht; Salvinia auriculata (Micheli) Adans and Thypha dominguensis L.
(The abstract is excluded from the Creative Commons licence and has been copied with permission by the publisher.)
(original language: Portuguese)
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Pistia stratiotes (weed) Brazil (south)
Eichhornia crassipes (weed) Brazil (south)
Egeria densa (weed) Brazil (south)
Eichhornia azurea (weed) Brazil (south)
Salvinia molesta (weed) Brazil (south)
Sagittaria montevidensis (weed) Brazil (south)
Hymenachne amplexicaulis (weed) Brazil (south)