Plant Pathology (2018) 67, 18-29

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M.-A. Jeong and R.-D. Jeong (2018)
Applications of ionizing radiation for the control of postharvest diseases in fresh produce: recent advances
Plant Pathology 67 (1), 18-29
Abstract: Postharvest diseases cause considerable losses to harvested fruits and vegetables worldwide. In addition to various treatments to control postharvest losses caused by pathogens, the global trend is shifting toward more ecofriendly alternatives safer to human health. Thus far, the main approach to postharvest disease control has mostly relied on the use of chemicals. However, the intense use of chemical fungicides has caused side effects such as environmental issues and evolution of fungicide-resistant isolates. With increasing demand for the use of non-chemicals, ionizing radiation has been investigated for application in many aspects of postharvest treatment, especially as an approach with significant potential for the control of postharvest disease. Recently, a number of more or less technologically advanced methodologies, e.g. irradiation combined with other types of treatments and induced disease-resistance, have been developed to control postharvest diseases as well as to increase the quality and storage life of fresh commodities. Challenges for future application of irradiation in fresh produce are the cost, lack of irradiation facilities, lack of knowledge about optimal conditions for different commodities, and lack of acceptance of irradiated fresh produce. This review aims to document the advances in understanding of the effects of irradiation on postharvest disease, the possible modes of action, and the perspectives in commercial use.
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Monilinia fructicola Peach/nectarine (Prunus persica)
Pectobacterium carotovorum
Stemphylium botryosum Pear (Pyrus)