Plant Pathology (2005) 54, p. 567 (Janssen et al.)

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D. Janssen, E. Saez, E. Segundo, G. Martín, F. Gil and I.M. Cuadrado (2005)
Capsicum annuum - a new host of Parietaria mottle virus in Spain
Plant Pathology 54 (4), 567-567
Abstract: In 2004, bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) plants grown in a commercial greenhouse in southeast Spain showed necrotic stems and fruit with brown patches and corky rings on the surface. RNA extracts were used for RT-PCR analysis for Parietaria mottle virus (PMoV). All clones had an identical nucleotide sequence (Accession No. AY819660) and showed the highest percentage identity with the P1 gene for the replicase of Parietaria mottle virus (92% nucleotide and 97% amino acid). PMoV has been isolated from tomato crops in Italy, France, Greece and Spain. This is the first report of a PMoV isolate with a distinct genome sequence and host range, capable of producing disease in pepper.
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Parietaria mottle virus Green pepper/chilli (Capsicum) Spain (continental)