Plant Pathology (2002) 51, 561-566

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Y. Parmessur, S. Aljanabi, S. Saumtally and A. Dookun-Saumtally (2002)
Sugarcane yellow leaf virus and sugarcane yellows phytoplasma: elimination by tissue culture
Plant Pathology 51 (5), 561-566
Abstract: Yellow leaf syndrome (YLS) is a recently reported disease of sugarcane, characterized by yellowing of the leaves. Two pathogens: a virus, Sugarcane yellow leaf virus (SCYLV); and a phytoplasma, sugarcane yellows phytoplasma (SCYP), are associated with the disease. The use of tissue culture was investigated as a means to eliminate both SCYLV and SCYP from exotic varieties undergoing quarantine in Mauritius. Of 43 varieties in quarantine, 28 were infected with SCYLV and 19 with SCYP when checked by RT-PCR and nested PCR, respectively. Seventeen varieties were coinfected with both pathogens. Thirty infected varieties were induced to form callus in vitro using leaf rolls as explants. After two subcultures, 19 varieties were successfully regenerated and tested for SCYLV and SCYP. No pathogen could be detected in any regenerated plantlets. All the regenerated plants remained free from both SCYLV and SCYP over a period of 1 year in the glasshouse, confirming that the pathogens had been eliminated by tissue culture.
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