Plant Pathology (1998) 47, 278-288

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A.S. Turner, A.K. Lees, H.N. Rezanoor and P. Nicholson (1998)
Refinement of PCR-detection of Fusarium avenaceum and evidence from DNA marker studies for phenetic relatedness to Fusarium tricinctum
Plant Pathology 47 (3), 278-288
Abstract: Existing PCR-based assays for the detection of the cereal pathogen Fusarium avenaceum were found to cross-react with F. tricinctum. An investigation into the phenetic relationship between these two species using two different marker systems revealed a close relationship between them despite their being from separate taxonomic sections. Whilst RFLP differences in the ITS regions surrounding the nuclear 5.8 S rDNA were insufficient to discriminate between isolates of the two species, they were clearly differentiated by RAPD profiling. RAPD fragments from F. avenaceum isolates were screened for hybridization to F. tricinctum DNA on Southern blots. One of 12 selected RAPD fragments showed no hybridization to genomic DNA from F. tricinctum. This fragment was cloned and sequenced, and the sequence obtained was used to design PCR primers. The primers were found to be specific for F. avenaceum, with no cross-reactions obtained with F. tricinctum or any other wheat pathogen assayed. The primers were able to differentiate between the two species in infected plant material, in contrast to the earlier assays.
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