Plant Pathology (1997) 46, 842-856

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P. Nicholson, H.N. Rezanoor, D.R. Simpson and D. Joyce (1997)
Differentiation and quantification of the cereal eyespot fungi Tapesia yallundae and Tapesia acuformis using a PCR assay
Plant Pathology 46 (6), 842-856
Abstract: Isolates of Tapesia yallundae and Tapesia acuformis were subjected to Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) assay. Amplification products common to isolates of either species were cloned and primers were generated from each sequence for use in conventional PCR. The primer pair derived from a T. yallundae specific RAPD marker amplified a product only from DNA of T. yallundae isolates and not from DNA of a range of other fungal species associated with the stem base disease complex of cereals. Similarly, the primer pair generated from a T. acuformis-specific RAPD marker amplifed a product only from DNA of T. acuformis isolates. Quantitative assays were developed for both species of Tapesia from these primer pairs, using competitive PCR. Competitive PCR was used to determine the level of colonization of seedlings by each species in glasshouse- and field-inoculated cereal hosts and results compared to those for conventional seedling disease assessment.
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