Plant Pathology (1996) 45, 383-391

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D.W. Parry and P. Nicholson (1996)
Development of a PCR assay to detect Fusarium poae in wheat
Plant Pathology 45 (2), 383-391
Abstract: Random amplified polymorphic DNA assays were carried out on a range of isolates of F. poae to identify markers common to all isolates. Two fragments were isolated, cloned and used to probe Southern blots of DNA from F. poae and isolates from a range of wheat seed and stem base pathogens. One fragment, which hybridized preferentially to DNA of F. poae was partially sequenced and two pairs of primers (Fp8 F/R and Fp82 F/R) were generated for use in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Amplification of target DNA occurred following PCR of all isolates of F. poae but not from any of a range of other fungal species associated with diseases of cereal ears and seed. The primer pair Fp82 F/R was used to detect F. poae in extracts from wheat seed samples contaminated with Fusarium species. This system offers the potential to determine the presence of F. poae in wheat and avoid problems commonly associated with conventional diagnosis of the disease and isolation of the pathogen.
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