Plant Disease (2020) 104, 438-447

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H.L. Mehl, N.S. Dufault, T.W. Allen, A.K. Hagan, P. Price, R.C. Kemerait, H. Kelly, M.J. Mulvaney and R.L. Nichols (2020)
Multiyear regional evaluation of foliar fungicide applications for cotton target spot management in the southeastern United States
Plant Disease 104 (2), 438-447
Abstract: Fungicide programs for managing target spot of cotton caused by Corynespora cassiicola were evaluated over 15 site-years in the southeastern United States between 2014 and 2016. Two cultivars, hypothesized to vary in target spot susceptibility, PhytoGen 499WRF (PHY499) and Deltapine 1137B2RF (DPL1137), and four fungicides (azoxystrobin, flutriafol, pyraclostrobin, pyraclostrobin + fluxapyroxad) plus nontreated control, were compared. Fungicide programs consisted of 1) a single application at first flower or disease onset and 2) the first application followed by a second 14 days later. Treatments were applied in a factorial, randomized complete block design. Target spot onset and severity varied among site-years. Except when severity was low, target spot-associated defoliation was greater on PHY499 than on DP1137. Fungicides delayed disease development and defoliation, but application number had little impact. Based on a meta-analysis of 15 site-years, pyraclostrobin-based applications resulted in a 4 to 6% yield preservation, and yield preservation was greater at site-years with early disease onset and >40% target spot associated defoliation. Results suggest a single well-timed application of a pyraclostrobin-based fungicide reduces defoliation and protects cotton yield at locations with high target spot severity. Additional research is needed to identify risk factors for target spot-associated yield losses in cotton production systems.
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