Plant Disease (2019) 103, 1058-1067

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Lei Zhao, Minrui Wang, Jingwei Li, Zhenhua Cui, Gayle M. Volk and Qiaochun Wang (2019)
Cryobiotechnology: A double-edged sword for obligate plant pathogens
Plant Disease 103 (6), 1058-1067
Abstract: Pathogen-free stock plants are required as propagation materials in nurseries and healthy materials are needed in germplasm exchange between countries or regions through quarantine programs. In addition, plant gene banks also prefer to maintain pathogen-free germplasm collections. Shoot tip cryotherapy is a novel biotechnology method whereby cryopreservation methods are used to eradicate obligate pathogens from vegetatively propagated plants. Long-term preservation of pathogens is necessary in all types of virus-related basic research and applications such as antigen preparation for virus detection by immunology-based methods, production of plant-based vaccines, genetic transformation to produce virus-derived resistant transgenic plants, and bionanotechnology to produce nano drugs. Obligate plant pathogens such as viruses and viroids are intracellular parasites that colonize only living cells of the hosts. Therefore, their long-term preservation is difficult. Cryotreatments cannot completely eradicate the obligate pathogens that do not infect meristematic cells and certain proportions of plants recovered from cryotreatments are still pathogen-infected. Furthermore, cryotreatments often fail to eradicate the obligate pathogens that infect meristematic cells. Cryopreservation can be used for the long-term cryopreservation of the obligate plant pathogens. Thus, cryobiotechnology functions as a double-edged sword for plant pathogen eradication and cryopreservation. This review provides updated a synthesis of advances in cryopreservation techniques for eradication and cryopreservation of obligate plant pathogens.
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Apple stem grooving virus Apple (Malus)
Apple stem pitting virus Apple (Malus)
Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid Chrysanthemum (genus)