Plant Disease (2018) 102 (1)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2018 and volume (issue): 102 (1)

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 12-39
David Gramaje, José Ramón Úrbez-Torres and Mark R. Sosnowski (2018)
Managing grapevine trunk diseases with respect to etiology and epidemiology: Current strategies and future prospects

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 40-48
Yanjie Zhang, Xinghong Li, Fengying Shen, Huanping Xu, Yaning Li and Daqun Liu (2018)
Characterization of Botrytis cinerea isolates from grape vineyards in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 60-66
Norman Muzhinji, James W. Woodhall, Mariette Truter and Jacquie E. van der Waals (2018)
Relative contribution of seed tuber- and soilborne inoculum to potato disease development and changes in the population genetic structure of Rhizoctonia solani AG 3-PT under field conditions in South Africa

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 67-72
Ke Liu, John A. McInroy, Chia-Hui Hu and Joseph W. Kloepper (2018)
Mixtures of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria enhance biological control of multiple plant diseases and plant-growth promotion in the presence of pathogens

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 73-84
Jaime F. Willbur, Mamadou L. Fall, Christopher Bloomingdale, Adam M. Byrne, Scott A. Chapman, Scott A. Isard, Roger D. Magarey, Megan M. McCaghey, Brian D. Mueller, Joseph M. Russo, Jay Schlegel, Martin I. Chilvers, Daren S. Mueller, Mehdi Kabbage and Damon L. Smith (2018)
Weather-based models for assessing the risk of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum apothecial presence in soybean (Glycine max) fields

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 85-90
Rose Mongi, Pangirayi Tongoona, Hussein Shimelis and Julia Sibiya (2018)
Agronomic performance and economics of yield loss associated with angular leaf spot disease of common bean in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 91-97
Sara Thomas-Sharma, Lindsay Wells-Hansen, Rae Page, Victoria Kartanos, Erika Saalau-Rojas, Benham.E.L. Lockhart and Patricia S. McManus (2018)
Characterization of Blueberry shock virus, an emerging Ilarvirus in cranberry

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 98-106
Yingjuan Chen, Liang Zeng, Na Shu, Maoyuan Jiang, Han Wang, Yunjin Huang and Huarong Tong (2018)
Pestalotiopsis-like species causing gray blight disease on Camellia sinensis in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 107-113
Augustine Q. Beeman and Gregory L. Tylka (2018)
Assessing the effects of ILeVO and VOTiVO seed treatments on reproduction, hatching, motility, and root penetration of the soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 114-123
A. Lebreton, C. Labbé, M. De Ronne, A.G. Xue, G. Marchand and R.R. Bélanger (2018)
Development of a simple hydroponic assay to study vertical and horizontal resistance of soybean and pathotypes of Phytophthora sojae

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 124-131
Péninna Deberdt, Isabelle Davezies, Régine Coranson-Beaudu and Alexandra Jestin (2018)
Efficacy of leaf oil from Pimenta racemosa var. racemosa in controlling bacterial wilt of tomato

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 132-139
Agnes V. Simamora, Trudy Paap, Kay Howard, Michael J.C. Stukely, Giles E. St. J. Hardy and Treena I. Burgess (2018)
Phytophthora contamination in a nursery and its potential dispersal into the natural environment

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 154-164
Sabina Zoledowska, Agata Motyka, Dominika Zukowska, Wojciech Sledz and Ewa Lojkowska (2018)
Population structure and biodiversity of Pectobacterium parmentieri isolated from potato fields in temperate climate

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 165-171
Almudena Simón, Leticia Ruiz, Leonardo Velasco and Dirk Janssen (2018)
Absolute quantification of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus Spain strain, ToLCNDV-ES: Virus accumulation in a host-specific manner

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 179-184
Meng-Jun Hu, Madeline E. Dowling and Guido Schnabel (2018)
Genotypic and phenotypic variations in Botrytis spp. isolates from single strawberry flowers

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 185-196
Roger A.C. Jones and Stuart J. Vincent (2018)
Strain-specific hypersensitive and extreme resistance phenotypes elicited by Potato virus Y among 39 potato cultivars released in three world regions over a 117-year period

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 197-201
Xiaoming Lu, Ran Zhang, Menglong Cong, Jianhong Li and Fuxing Zhu (2018)
Stimulatory effects of flusilazole on virulence of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 202-208
Zainab M. Al-Balushi, Hesham Agrama, Issa H. Al-Mahmooli, Sajeewa S.N. Maharachchikumbura and Abdullah M. Al-Sadi (2018)
Development of resistance to hymexazol among Pythium species in cucumber greenhouses in Oman

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 220-230
Providence Moyo, Lizel Mostert, Christoffel F.J. Spies, Ulrike Damm and Francois Halleen (2018)
Diversity of Diatrypaceae species associated with dieback of grapevines in South Africa, with the description of Eutypa cremea sp. nov.

Plant Disease (2018) 102, 231-236
Chelsi P. Abbott and Janna L. Beckerman (2018)
Incorporating adjuvants with captan to manage common apple diseases

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 238 (McNally et al.)
R.R. McNally, R.D. Curland, B.T. Webster, A.P. Robinson and C.A. Ishimaru (2018)
First report of stem rot on potato caused by Dickeya chrysanthemi in Minnesota

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 238 (Burbano-Figueroa et al.)
O. Burbano-Figueroa, A. Arcila, A.M. Vasquez, F. Carrascal, K. Salazar Pertuz, M. Moreno-Moran, J. Romero-Ferrer and J.A. Pulgarin (2018)
First report of Bionectria pseudochroleuca causing dieback and wilting on avocado in the Serrania de Perijá, Colombia

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 239 (Zhao et al.)
A.N. Zhao, J. Li, S.L. Yan, J.B. Huang and L. Zheng (2018)
First report of Fusarium tricinctum causing rot of broccoli heads post-harvest in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 240 (Mathew et al.)
F.M. Mathew, T.J. Gulya, J.G. Jordahl and S.G. Markell (2018)
First report of stem disease of soybean (Glycine max) caused by Diaporthe gulyae in North Dakota

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 241 (Shi et al.)
N.N. Shi, Y.X. Du, H.C. Ruan, X.J. Yang, Y.L. Dai, L. Gan and F.R. Chen (2018)
First report of Colletotrichum fructicola causing anthracnose on Camellia sinensis in Guangdong Province, China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 241 (Pei et al.)
Y.L. Pei, S. Tao, Y.F. Sun, T.Z. Feng and H.B. Long (2018)
First report of Capsicum frutescens leaf spot caused by Curvularia lunata in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 242 (Hawk et al.)
T. Hawk, S.C. Rhodes, S. McBride and K.L. Ong (2018)
First report of boxwood dieback caused by Colletotrichum theobromicola in Texas

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 243 (Bobev et al.)
S.G. Bobev, L.T. Angelov, K. van Poucke and M. Maes (2018)
First report of kernel spot caused by Eremothecium coryli on hazelnut in Bulgaria

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 243 (Wu et al.)
W.X. Wu, Y. Liu, X.Q. Huang and L. Zhang (2018)
First report of anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum nymphaeae on loquat fruit in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 243 (Li et al.)
L. Li, H. Pan, M.Y. Chen, S.J. Zhang and C.H. Zhong (2018)
First report of Nigrospora oryzae causing brown/black spot disease of kiwifruit in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 245 (Sun et al.)
H.Y. Sun and Y. Liang (2018)
First report of anthracnose on sunflower caused by Colletotrichum destructivum in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 245 (Chen et al.)
J. Chen, T.T. Xiang, X.Y. Liu, W.H. Wang, B.L. Zhang, J. Liu, W. Zhou, Y.J. Wan, G. Chen and H.S. Zhu (2018)
First report of Nigrospora sphaerica causing shot hole disease on mulberry in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 246 (Jordan et al.)
B. Jordan, A.K. Culbreath, J. Brock and B. Dutta (2018)
First report of Myrothecium leaf spot caused by Myrothecium roridum on pepper in the United States

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 247 (Wang et al.)
Q.H. Wang, D.W. Li, C.H. Duan, X.H. Liu, S.G. Niu, L.Q. Hou and X.Q. Wu (2018)
First report of walnut anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum fructicola in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 248 (Lin et al.)
C.-H. Lin, W.-Q. Wu, X.-M. Liao, W.-B. Liu, W.-G. Miao and F.-C. Zheng (2018)
First report of leaf anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum alatae on water yam (Dioscorea alata) in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 250 (Fernandez et al.)
L.N. Fernandez, S. Alaniz, P. Mondino, R.A. Roeschlin, R.L. Maumary, N.F. Gariglio and M.A. Favaro (2018)
First report of Colletotrichum siamense causing apple bitter rot in Central Argentina

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 251 (Moreno et al.)
K. Moreno, J.D. Carrillo, F.P. Trouillas and A. Eskalen (2018)
Almond (Prunus dulcis) is susceptible to Fusarium euwallaceae, a fungal pathogen vectored by the polyphagous shot hole borer in California

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 251 (Solano-Baez et al.)
A.R. Solano-Báez, E. Santiago-Santiago, S.G. Leyva-Mir, J.M. Tovar-Pedraza, M. Camacho-Tapia and G. Márquez-Licona (2018)
First report of Golovinomyces biocellatus causing powdery mildew on spearmint (Mentha spicata) in Mexico

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 253 (Nouri et al.)
M.T. Nouri, L.A. Holland, M.A. Yaghmour, D.A. Doll, G.T. Browne and F.P. Trouillas (2018)
First report of Phytophthora cinnamomi causing trunk canker of almond in California

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 254 (Wang et al.)
X.Y. Wang, J. Feng, L.Y. Zang, Y.L. Yan, Y.Y. Yang and X.P. Zhu (2018)
Natural occurrence of Tomato chlorosis virus in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 255 (Jo et al.)
Y. Jo, H. Choi, M.K. Song, J.S. Park, J.W. Lee and W.K. Cho (2018)
First report of Grapevine geminivirus A in diverse Vitis species in Korea

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 256 (Fernandez-Tabanera et al.)
E. Fernández-Tabanera, A. Fraile, P. Lunello, F. García-Arenal and M.A. Ayllón (2018)
First report of Onion yellow dwarf virus in leek (Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum) in Spain

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 257 (Shi et al.)
Y. Shi, X.Y. Han, H. Sun, Y. Wei, Z.Y. Wang, H.L. Li, L.L. Chen and B.J. Sun (2018)
First report of Strawberry pallidosis associated virus infecting strawberry in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 257 (Mohammed et al.)
I.U. Mohammed, A.M. Yakub, I. Yusuf, A. Muhammad, J. Navas-Castillo and E. Fiallo-Olivé (2018)
First report of Tomato chlorosis virus infecting tomato in Nigeria

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 257 (Zhang et al.)
X.Y. Zhang, L.L. Zhao, J. Zhong, T.T. Li, Z.K. Zhang and M. Ding (2018)
First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl Kanchanaburi virus infecting eggplant in China

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 258 (Ahmad et al.)
A. Ahmad, M. Ashfaq, T. Riaz, M. Ahsan, S. Hyder, A. Manglli and L. Tomassoli (2018)
First report of Pepper vein yellows virus infecting hot pepper in Pakistan

Plant Disease (2018) 102, p. 259 (Yao et al.)
X.-L. Yao, J. Han, L.L. Domier, F. Qu and M.L. Lewis Ivey (2018)
First report of Tomato ringspot virus in an Ohio vineyard