Plant Disease (2018) 102, 837-854

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M.J. Jeger, L.V. Madden and F. van den Bosch (2018)
Plant virus epidemiology: applications and prospects for mathematical modeling and analysis to improve understanding and disease control
Plant Disease 102 (5), 837-854
Abstract: In recent years, mathematical modeling has increasingly been used to complement experimental and observational studies of biological phenomena across different levels of organization. In this article, we consider the contribution of mathematical models developed using a wide range of techniques and uses to the study of plant virus disease epidemics. Our emphasis is on the extent to which models have contributed to answering biological questions and indeed raised questions related to the epidemiology and ecology of plant viruses and the diseases caused. In some cases, models have led to direct applications in disease control, but arguably their impact is better judged through their influence in guiding research direction and improving understanding across the characteristic spatiotemporal scales of plant virus epidemics. We restrict this article to plant virus diseases for reasons of length and to maintain focus even though we recognize that modeling has played a major and perhaps greater part in the epidemiology of other plant pathogen taxa, including vector-borne bacteria and phytoplasmas.
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