Plant Disease (2017) 101 (1)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2017 and volume (issue): 101 (1)

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 11-19
Ali Malihipour, Jeannie Gilbert, George Fedak, Anita Brûlé-Babel and Wenguang Cao (2017)
Mapping the A genome for QTL conditioning resistance to Fusarium head blight in a wheat population with Triticum timopheevii background

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 20-28
Cassandra N. Funke, Olga V. Nikolaeva, Kelsie J. Green, Lisa T. Tran, Mohamad Chikh-Ali, Arturo Quintero-Ferrer, Robert A. Cating, Kenneth E. Frost, Philip B. Hamm, Nora Olsen, Mark J. Pavek, Stewart M. Gray, James M. Crosslin and Alexander V. Karasev (2017)
Strain-specific resistance to Potato virus Y (PVY) in potato and its effect on the relative abundance of PVY strains in commercial potato fields

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 34-44
Carlos S. Ortiz, Alois A. Bell, Clint W. Magill and Jinggao Liu (2017)
Specific PCR detection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum California race 4 based on a unique Tfo1 insertion event in the PHO gene

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 45-53
Olufemi A. Akinsanmi, Shaheen Nisa, Olumide S. Jeff-Ego, Roger G. Shivas and André Drenth (2017)
Dry flower disease of Macadamia in Australia caused by Neopestalotiopsis macadamiae sp. nov. and Pestalotiopsis macadamiae sp. nov.

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 54-61
Craig B. Langemeier, Alison E. Robertson, Dong Wang, Tamra A. Jackson-Ziems and Greg R. Kruger (2017)
Factors affecting the development and severity of Goss's bacterial wilt and leaf blight of corn, caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 73-80
Anmin Wan, Kebede T. Muleta, Habtemariam Zegeye, Bekele Hundie, Michael O. Pumphrey and Xianming Chen (2017)
Virulence characterization of wheat stripe rust fungus Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in Ethiopia and evaluation of Ethiopian wheat germplasm for resistance to races of the pathogen from Ethiopia and the United States

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 81-94
Emily W. Gatch and Lindsey J. du Toit (2017)
Limestone-mediated suppression of Fusarium wilt in spinach seed crops

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 95-102
Suli Sun, Ye Zhi, Zhendong Zhu, Jing Jin, Canxing Duan, Xiaofei Wu and Wang Xiaoming (2017)
An emerging disease caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola threatens mung bean production in China

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 103-109
Michael L. Pieck, Amy Ruck, Mark L. Farman, Gary L. Peterson, James P. Stack, Barbara Valent and Kerry F. Pedley (2017)
Genomics-based marker discovery and diagnostic assay development for wheat blast

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 110-115
Muhammad Shafiq Shahid, Nina Aboughanem-Sabanadzovic, Sead Sabanadzovic and Ioannis E. Tzanetakis (2017)
Genomic characterization and population structure of a Badnavirus infecting blackberry

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 116-120
Rachael A. Sitz, Emily K. Luna, Jorge Ibarra Caballero, Ned A. Tisserat, Whitney S. Cranshaw and Jane E. Stewart (2017)
Virulence of genetically distinct Geosmithia morbida isolates to black walnut and their response to coinoculation with Fusarium solani

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 121-128
M. Twizeyimana and G.L. Hartman (2017)
Sensitivity of Phakopsora pachyrhizi isolates to fungicides and reduction of fungal infection based on fungicide and timing of application

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 129-136
K.R. Besler and E.L. Little (2017)
Diversity of Serratia marcescens strains associated with cucurbit yellow vine disease in Georgia

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 137-143
Y. Zhou, H.M. Chen, M.J. Cao, X.F. Wang, X. Jin, K.H. Liu and C.Y. Zhou (2017)
Occurrence, distribution, and molecular characterization of Citrus yellow vein clearing virus in China

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 144-149
X.D. Fan, Z.P. Zhang, F. Ren, G.J. Hu, J. Zhou, Z.N. Li, G. Wang and Yafeng Dong (2017)
Occurrence and genetic diversity of Grapevine berry inner necrosis virus from grapevines in China

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 150-157
Yared T. Tewoldemedhin, Sandra C. Lamprecht, Martha M. Vaughan, Gail Doehring and Kerry O'Donnell (2017)
Soybean SDS in South Africa is caused by Fusarium brasiliense and a novel undescribed Fusarium sp.

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 158-164
K.A. Tancos and K.D. Cox (2017)
Effects of consecutive streptomycin and kasugamycin applications on epiphytic bacteria in the apple phyllosphere

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 165-169
Alessandro Cinquerrui, Giancarlo Polizzi, Dalia Aiello and Alessandro Vitale (2017)
Integrated management for the reduction of Calonectria Infections in ornamental nurseries

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 170-177
Caterina Villari, Walter F. Mahaffee, Thomas K. Mitchell, Kerry F. Pedley, Michael L. Pieck and Francesca Peduto Hand (2017)
Early detection of airborne inoculum of Magnaporthe oryzae in turfgrass fields using a quantitative LAMP assay

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 178-185
Craig G. Webster, William W. Turechek, Weimin Li, Chandrasekar S. Kousik and Scott Adkins (2017)
Development and evaluation of ELISA and qRT-PCR for identification of Squash vein yellowing virus in cucurbits

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 186-191
K.A. Tancos, E. Borejsza-Wysocka, S. Kuehne, D. Breth and Kerik D. Cox (2017)
Fire blight symptomatic shoots and the presence of Erwinia amylovora in asymptomatic apple budwood

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 192-199
Anna Baturo-Ciesniewska, Carol L. Groves, Kenneth A. Albrecht, Craig R. Grau, David K. Willis and Damon L. Smith (2017)
Molecular identification of Sclerotinia trifoliorum and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum isolates from the United States and Poland

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 200-208
Ubiraci Gomes de Paula Lana, Isabel Regina Prazeres de Souza, Roberto Willians Noda, Maria Marta Pastina, Jurandir Vieira Magalhaes and Claudia Teixeira Guimaraes (2017)
Quantitative trait loci and resistance gene analogs associated with maize white spot resistance

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 209-216
Christian O. Nwadili, Joao Augusto, Ranjana Bhattacharjee, Joseph Atehnkeng, Antonio Lopez-Montes, T. Joseph Onyeka, P. Lava Kumar, Robert Asiedu and Ranajit Bandyopadhyay (2017)
Comparative reliability of screening parameters for anthracnose resistance in water yam (Dioscorea alata)

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 217-223
John F. Murphy and Tolulope Morawo (2017)
Comparative evaluation of disease induced by three strains of Tobacco etch virus in Capsicum annuum L.

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 224-232
Lea H. Hiltunen, Jani Kelloniemi and Jari P.T. Valkonen (2017)
Repeated applications of a nonpathogenic Streptomyces strain enhance development of suppressiveness to potato common scab

Plant Disease (2017) 101, 233-240
Dylan P.G. Short, Kerry O'Donnell, Jason E. Stajich, Jiri Hulcr, Teiya Kijimoto, Matthew C. Berger, Angie M. Macias, Ellie J. Spahr, Craig C. Bateman, Akif Eskalen, Shannon C. Lynch, Anthony I. Cognato, Miriam F. Cooperband and Matthew T. Kasson (2017)
PCR multiplexes discriminate Fusarium symbionts of invasive Euwallacea ambrosia beetles that inflict damage on numerous tree species throughout the United States

Plant Disease (2017) 101, p. 261 (Pintos-Varela et al.)
C. Pintos-Varela, C. Rial-Martínez, O. Aguín-Casal and J.P. Mansilla-Vázquez (2017)
First report of Phytophthora × multiformis on Alnus glutinosa in Spain