Plant Disease (2015) 99, 488-495

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M. Pérez-Rodríguez, E. Alcántara, M. Amaro, N. Serrano, I.J. Lorite, O. Arquero, F. Orgaz and F.J. López-Escudero (2015)
The influence of irrigation frequency on the onset and development of Verticillium wilt of olive
Plant Disease 99 (4), 488-495
Abstract: The influence of irrigation frequency on the onset and development of Verticillium wilt of olive (VWO) was studied. A split-plot design in microplots with naturally infested soil was established for studying four irrigation frequencies for three olive cultivars with differing levels of disease resistance. Final disease incidence (DI) and mortality in 'Picual' plants subjected to daily irrigation treatment (T1) reached values of 100 and 63%, respectively. For Picual-T1 samples, the area under the disease progress curve values were significantly different between 15 December 2012 and 15 July 2013 (14.8 to 42.8%) compared with the average results of the other treatments, which were weekly (T2), biweekly (T3), and deficit (T4) (0.4 to 11.5%). No significant differences between the irrigation treatments were observed in 'Arbequina', although the DI progressed consistently (60% in all treatments). In 'Frantoio', little disease developed. We conclude that a daily irrigation treatment encourages VWO development in susceptible Picual. Therefore, in susceptible cultivars growing in infested soils under daily irrigation regimes, the extension of irrigation frequency may reduce disease incidence. In the context of an integrated control, the use of resistant cultivars seems to be more relevant than the detrimental effects observed in frequent irrigation schedules.
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