Plant Disease (2011) 95, p. 497 (Weger et al.)

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J. Weger, M. Schanze, M. Hilber-Bodmer, T.H.M. Smits and A. Patocchi (2011)
First report of the β-tubulin E198A mutation conferring resistance to methyl benzimidazole carbamates in European isolates of Monilinia fructicola
Plant Disease 95 (4), 497-497
Abstract: The β-tubulin gene of four Monilinia fructicola isolates each from Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland (16 isolates total) was examined using PCR analysis and DNA sequencing. The isolates were also tested for resistance to the fungicide methyl benzimidazole carbamates (MBC). The result indicated that most isolates had a high level of resistance to the MBC fungicide. The sequence analysis revealed the amino acid alanine at codon 198 (the mutation predictive of a high level of MBC resistance) was found in all isolates from Spain and Switzerland and in three isolates each from France and Italy.
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