Plant Disease (2010) 94 (11)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2010 and volume (issue): 94 (11)

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1272-1282
Gary A. Secor, Viviana V. Rivera, M.F.R. Khan and Neil C. Gudmestad (2010)
Monitoring fungicide sensitivity of Cercospora beticola of sugar beet for disease management decisions

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1283-1289
Stacy D. Singer and Kerik D. Cox (2010)
The reemergence and management of currant cane dieback in the northeastern United States

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1290-1298
Monica A. Kehoe, Brenda A. Coutts and Roger A.C. Jones (2010)
Resistance phenotypes in diverse accessions, breeding lines, and cultivars of three mustard species inoculated with Turnip mosaic virus

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1299-1304
Susilo H. Poromarto, Berlin D. Nelson and Rubella S. Goswami (2010)
Effect of soybean cyst nematode on growth of dry bean in the field

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1305-1313
Sarah J. Pethybridge, Frank S. Hay and David H. Gent (2010)
Characterization of the spatiotemporal attributes of Sclerotinia flower blight epidemics in a perennial pyrethrum pathosystem

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1314-1322
C. Bacharis, A. Gouziotis, P. Kalogeropoulou, O. Koutita, K. Tzavella-Klonari and G.S. Karaoglanidis (2010)
Characterization of Rhizoctonia spp. isolates associated with damping-off disease in cotton and tobacco seedlings in Greece

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1323-1328
Michael E. Matheron and Martin Porchas (2010)
Evaluation of soil solarization and flooding as management tools for Fusarium wilt of lettuce

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1329-1335
Akifumi Sugiyama, Jorge M. Vivanco, Sastry S. Jayanty and Daniel K. Manter (2010)
Pyrosequencing assessment of soil microbial communities in organic and conventional potato farms

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1336-1340
N.S. Dufault, S.A. Isard, J.J. Marois and D.L. Wright (2010)
Removal of wet deposited Phakopsora pachyrhizi urediniospores from soybean leaves by subsequent rainfall

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1341-1347
Hui-Wen Wu, Tsong-Ann Yu, Joseph A.J. Raja, Serene Judith Christopher, Sine-Lan Wang and Shyi-Dong Yeh (2010)
Double-virus resistance of transgenic oriental melon conferred by untranslatable chimeric construct carrying partial coat protein genes of two viruses

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1348-1354
R.L. Lamprecht, G.G.F. Kasdorf, M. Stiller, S.M. Staples, L.H. Nel and G. Pietersen (2010)
Soybean blotchy mosaic virus, a new Cytorhabdovirus found in South Africa

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1355-1360
Padmini Herath, Gregory A. Hoover, Elisa Angelini and Gary W. Moorman (2010)
Detection of elm yellows phytoplasma in elms and insects using Real-Time PCR

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1361-1365
V. Parkunan, C.S. Johnson, B.C. Bowman and C.X. Hong (2010)
Population structure, mating type, and mefenoxam sensitivity of Phytophthora nicotianae in Virginia tobacco fields

Plant Disease (2010) 94, 1367-1371
Michael Rott, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Belton, Fengcheng Sun and Doug Kyle (2010)
Occurrence and detection of Globodera rostochiensis on Vancouver Island, British Columbia: An update

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1372 (Giudice et al.)
V. Lo Giudice, F. Raudino, R. Magnano di San Lio, S.O. Cacciola, R. Faedda and A. Pane (2010)
First report of a decline and wilt of young olive trees caused by simultaneous infections of Verticillium dahliae and Phytophthora palmivora in Sicily

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1372 (Lembicz et al.)
M. Lembicz, K. Górzynska and A. Leuchtmann (2010)
Choke disease caused by Epichloë bromicola in the grass Agropyron repens in Poland

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1372 (Lee et al.)
H.B. Lee, J.P. Hong and S.B. Kim (2010)
First report of leaf blight caused by Pantoea agglomerans on rice in Korea

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1373 (Lobin et al.)
K. Lobin, A. Saison, B. Hostachy, S.P. Benimadhu and H.R. Pappu (2010)
First report of Iris yellow spot virus in onion in Mauritius

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1373 (Kong et al.)
C.S. Kong, X.L. Qiu, K.S. Yi and X.F. Yu (2010)
First report of Neofusicoccum vitifusiforme causing blueberry blight of blueberry in China

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1374 (Pane et al.)
A. Pane, R. Faedda, S.O. Cacciola, C. Rizza, S. Scibetta and G. Magnano di San Lio (2010)
Root and basal stem rot of mandevillas caused by Phytophthora spp. in eastern Sicily

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1374 (Miller et al.)
G.L. Miller, D.E. Desjardin and L.P. Tredway (2010)
First report of Marasmiellus mesosporus causing Marasmiellus blight on seashore paspalum

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1374 (Eroglu et al.)
S. Eroglu, H. Ozbek and F. Sahin (2010)
First report of group 16SrXII phytoplasma causing stolbur disease in potato plants in the eastern and southern Anatolia regions of Turkey

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1375 (Ramdial et al.)
H.A. Ramdial and S.N. Rampersad (2010)
First report of Fusarium solani causing fruit rot of sweet pepper in Trinidad

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1375 (Bull et al.)
C.T. Bull, S.J. Mauzey and S.T. Koike (2010)
First report of bacterial blight of Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera) caused by Pseudomonas cannabina pv. alisalensis in California

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1376 (Manimekalai et al.)
R. Manimekalai, R. Sathish Kumar, V.P. Soumya and G.V. Thomas (2010)
Molecular detection of phytoplasma associated with yellow leaf disease in areca palms (Areca catechu) in India

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1376 (Ling et al.)
K.-S. Ling and D. Sfetcu (2010)
First report of natural infection of greenhouse tomatoes by Potato spindle tuber viroid in the United States

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1376 (Sanchez-Pena et al.)
P. Sánchez-Peña, S.O. Cauich-Pech, J. Núñez-Farfán, R.D. Núñez-Cebreros, S. Hernández-Verdugo, S. Parra-Terraza and M. Villarreal-Romero (2010)
Incidence of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici races in tomato in Sinaloa, Mexico

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1377 (Li et al.)
B.-J. Li, Y. Liu, Y.-X. Shi, X.-W. Xie and Y.-L. Guo (2010)
First report of crown rot of grafted cucumber caused by Fusarium solani in China

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1377 (Reed et al.)
J.D. Reed, J.E. Woodward, K.L. Ong, M.C. Black and L.A. Stein (2010)
First report of Stemphylium botryosum on spinach in Texas

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1378 (Lopes et al.)
U.P. Lopes, L. Zambolim, H.S.S. Duarte, P.G.C. Cabral, O.L. Pereira, U.N. Lopes and E.M. Zambolim (2010)
First report of leaf blight on Rubus brasiliensis caused by Colletotrichum acutatum in Brazil

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1378 (Kone et al.)
D. Koné, S. Aké, K. Abo, S. Soro, C.A. N'Guessan, C. Wipf-Scheibel, C. Chandeysson, C. Desbiez and H. Lecoq (2010)
First report of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus in cucurbits in Ivory Coast

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1378 (Tan et al.)
H.D. Tan, S.Y. Li, X.F. Du and M. Seno (2010)
First report of Cucumber mosaic virus in sweet cherry in the People's Republic of China

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1379 (Thangavelu et al.)
R. Thangavelu and M.M. Mustaffa (2010)
First report on the occurrence of a virulent strain of Fusarium wilt pathogen (race-1) infecting Cavendish (AAA) goup of bananas in India

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1379 (Kone et al.)
D. Koné, D. Mohamed, S. Soro, B.A. Bolou Bi, Y.J. Kouadio and P. Ji (2010)
First report of southern blight of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in Côte d'Ivoire

Plant Disease (2010) 94, p. 1379 (McDonald et al.)
S.J. McDonald, R.M. Averell, M.E. Glass, H.M. Young, T.H. Mysliwiec, D.L. Sanford and M.A. Fidanza (2010)
First report of brown ring patch on Poa annua caused by Waitea circinata var. circinata in West Virginia