Plant Disease (2010) 94, 820-826

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Christian D. Cruz, Dennis Mills, Pierce A. Paul and Anne E. Dorrance (2010)
Impact of brown spot caused by Septoria glycines on soybean in Ohio
Plant Disease 94 (7), 820-826
Abstract: Brown spot, caused by Septoria glycines, is the most common foliar disease of soybean in Ohio, but its economic impact has not been assessed on modern cultivars. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to (i) evaluate the effect of S. glycines on soybean yield and (ii) evaluate the efficacy of strobilurin- and triazole-based fungicides on the control of brown spot. Yield loss associated with S. glycines was determined using weekly applications of chlorothalonil. The efficacy of azoxystrobin, pyraclostrobin, tebuconazole, and flutriafol alone and in combinations were also assessed using applications at the R3 and R5 growth stages at two locations over 3 years. Significantly different levels of brown spot developed following applications of chlorothalonil, with mean yield differences between treated and nontreated plots ranging from 196 to 293 kg/ha. Pyraclostrobin and azoxystrobin applied at the R3 growth stage significantly reduced final levels of brown spot; however, significant increases in yield occurred in only three of the six location-years. Triazoles, flutriafol and tebuconazole, applied at R3 or R5 did not significantly decrease levels of brown spot or impact yield. More data on the accurate timing of fungicides are still required to establish a long-term management program for this disease, and resistance to brown spot should be monitored in soybean cultivar development to prevent future yield losses.
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