Plant Disease (2009) 93 (1)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2009 and volume (issue): 93 (1)

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 4-10
Jeewan Jyot Walia, Nida M. Salem and Bryce W. Falk (2009)
Partial sequence and survey analysis identify a multipartite, negative-sense RNA virus associated with fig mosaic

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 11-16
M.M. Iracheta-Cárdenas, P. Metheney, M.L. Polek, K.L. Manjunath, R.F. Lee and M.A. Rocha-Peña (2009)
Serological detection of Citrus tristeza virus with antibodies developed to the recombinant coat protein

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 17-20
P. Montri, P.W.J. Taylor and O. Mongkolporn (2009)
Pathotypes of Colletotrichum capsici, the causal agent of chili anthracnose, in Thailand

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 21-24
Magali González-Vázquez, Julián Ayala, Fernando García-Arenal and Aurora Fraile (2009)
Occurrence of Beet black scorch virus infecting sugar beet in Europe

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 25-29
Dallas L. Seifers, T.J. Martin, Tom L. Harvey, John P. Fellers and J.P. Michaud (2009)
Identification of the wheat curl mite as the vector of Triticum mosaic virus

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 30-35
T.L. Widmer (2009)
Infective potential of sporangia and zoospores of Phytophthora ramorum

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 36-42
Hui-Xia Ma, Xi-Jie Feng, Yu Chen, Chang-Jun Chen and Ming-Guo Zhou (2009)
Occurrence and characterization of dimethachlon insensitivity in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Jiangsu Province of China

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 43-50
M.E. Matheron and M. Porchas (2009)
Impact of different preplant cultural treatments on survival of Phytophthora nicotianae in soil

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 51-57
Mark Mazzola, Jack Brown, Xiaowen Zhao, Antonio D. Izzo and Gennaro Fazio (2009)
Interaction of brassicaceous seed meal and apple rootstock on recovery of Pythium spp. and Pratylenchus penetrans from roots grown in replant soils

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 58-66
Michael J. Wunsch, Alexandra H. Baker, David W. Kalb and Gary C. Bergstrom (2009)
Characterization of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. loti forma specialis nov., a monophyletic pathogen causing vascular wilt of birdsfoot trefoil

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 67-72
Hossain Massumi, Mehdi Shaabanian, Akbar Hosseini Pour, Jahangir Heydarnejad and Heshmetollah Rahimian (2009)
Incidence of viruses infecting tomato and their natural hosts in the southeast and central regions of Iran

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 73-80
Richard W. Smiley (2009)
Water and temperature parameters associated with winter wheat diseases caused by soilborne pathogens

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 81-86
Isabel A. Munck and Glen R. Stanosz (2009)
Quantification of conidia of Diplodia spp. extracted from red and jack pine cones

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 87-93
V. Aritua, E. Barg, R.W. Gibson, D.E. Lesemann and H.J. Vetten (2009)
Host range, purification, and genetic variability in Sweet potato chlorotic fleck virus

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 94-99
Karen L. Klotz and Larry G. Campbell (2009)
Effects of Aphanomyces root rot on carbohydrate impurities and sucrose extractability in postharvest sugar beet

Plant Disease (2009) 93, 100-105
Paul L. Koch, Craig R. Grau, Young-Ki Jo and Geunhwa Jung (2009)
Thiophanate-methyl and propiconazole sensitivity in Sclerotinia homoeocarpa populations from golf courses in Wisconsin and Massachusetts

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 106 (Majumder et al.)
S. Majumder and V.K. Baranwal (2009)
First report of Garlic common latent virus in garlic from India

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 106 (Ortiz et al.)
V. Ortiz, S. Castro and J. Romero (2009)
First report of Clover yellow vein virus in grain legumes in Spain

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 106 (Tozze Jr. et al.)
H.J. Tozze Jr., N.M. Massola Jr., M.P.S. Câmara, R. Gioria, O. Suzuki, K.R. Brunelli, R.S. Braga and R.F. Kobori (2009)
First report of Colletotrichum boninense causing anthracnose on pepper in Brazil

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 107 (Cheng et al.)
Y.H. Cheng, R.Y. Wang, C.C. Chen, C.A. Chang and F.-J. Jan (2009)
First report of Pepper veinal mottle virus in tomato and pepper in Taiwan

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 107 (Al-Saleh et al.)
M. Al-Saleh and Y. Ibrahim (2009)
First report of bacterial leaf spot of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians in Saudi Arabia

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 107 (Garibaldi et al.)
A. Garibaldi, D. Bertetti, P. Pensa and M.L. Gullino (2009)
First report of Botrytis blight caused by Botrytis cinerea on Gaura lindheimeri in Italy

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 108 (Caesar et al.)
A.J. Caesar, R.T. Lartey, D.K. Berner and T. Souissi (2009)
First report of leaf spot caused by Cercospora bizzozeriana on Lepidium draba in the United States

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 108 (Wilson et al.)
A.D. Wilson, N.M. Schiff, D.A. Haugen and E.R. Hoebeke (2009)
First report of Amylostereum areolatum in pines in the United States

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 108 (Abad et al.)
J.A. Abad, M. Bandla, R.D. French-Monar, L.W. Liefting and G.R.G. Clover (2009)
First report of the detection of `Candidatus Liberibacter' species in zebra chip disease-infected potato plants in the United States

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 109 (Zhang et al.)
L. Zhang, L. Zheng, T. Hsiang, R. Lv and J. Huang (2009)
An outbreak of head rot of cabbage caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG2-1 in central China

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 109 (Bull et al.)
C.T. Bull and L.J. du Toit (2009)
First report of bacterial blight on conventionally and organically grown arugula in Nevada caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. alisalensis

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 110 (Huerta-Espino et al.)
J. Huerta-Espino, R.P. Singh, S.A. Herrera-Foessel, J.B. Pérez-López and P. Figueroa-López (2009)
First detection of virulence in Puccinia triticina to resistance genes Lr27 + Lr31 present in durum wheat in Mexico

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 110 (Kolomiets et al.)
T. Kolomiets, Z. Mukhina, T. Matveeva, D. Bogomaz, D.K. Berner, C.A. Cavin and L.A. Castlebury (2009)
First report of stem canker of Salsola tragus caused by Diaporthe eres in Russia

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 110 (Vitale et al.)
A. Vitale, D. Aiello, I. Castello and G. Polizzi (2009)
First report of benzimidazole-resistant isolates of Cylindrocladium scoparium in Europe

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 111 (Lett et al.)
J.M. Lett, M. Hoareau, B. Reynaud, A. Saison, B. Hostachy, K. Lobin and S.P. Benimadhu (2009)
First report of Tomato chlorosis virus in tomato on Mauritius Island

Plant Disease (2009) 93, p. 111 (Klopfenstein et al.)
N.B. Klopfenstein, J.E. Lundquist, J.W. Hanna, M.-S. Kim and G.I. McDonald (2009)
First report of Armillaria sinapina, a cause of Armillaria root disease, associated with a variety of forest tree hosts on sites with diverse climates in Alaska