Plant Disease (2008) 92 (4)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2008 and volume (issue): 92 (4)

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 492-503
Raymond J. Taylor, Julie S. Pasche, Courtney A. Gallup, H. David Shew and Neil C. Gudmestad (2008)
A foliar blight and tuber rot of potato caused by Phytophthora nicotianae: New occurrences and characterization of isolates

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 504-507
Y. Jia, D. Gealy, M.J. Lin, L. Wu and H. Black (2008)
Carolina foxtail (Alopecurus carolinianus): Susceptibility and suitability as an alternative host to rice blast disease (Magnaporthe oryzae [formerly M. grisea])

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 508-512
Nidá Salem, Deborah A. Golino, Bryce W. Falk and Adib Rowhani (2008)
Identification and partial characterization of a new luteovirus associated with rose spring dwarf disease

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 513-518
X. Deng, J. Chen, Z. Feng, Z. Shan, H. Guo, J. Zhu, H. Li and E.L. Civerolo (2008)
Identification and characterization of the huanglongbing bacterium in pummelo from multiple locations in Guangdong, P. R. China

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 519-529
J.R. Úrbez-Torres, G.M. Leavitt, J.C. Guerrero, J. Guevara and W.D. Gubler (2008)
Identification and pathogenicity of Lasiodiplodia theobromae and Diplodia seriata, the causal agents of bot canker disease of grapevines in Mexico

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 530-541
C.H. Bock, P.E. Parker, A.Z. Cook and T.R. Gottwald (2008)
Visual rating and the use of image analysis for assessing different symptoms of citrus canker on grapefruit leaves

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 542-545
A.R. Inman, S.C. Kirkpatrick, T.R. Gordon and D.V. Shaw (2008)
Limiting effects of low temperature on growth and spore germination in Gibberella circinata, the cause of pitch canker in pine species

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 546-554
N. Mutlu, A.K. Vidaver, D.P. Coyne, J.R. Steadman, P.A. Lambrecht and J. Reiser (2008)
Differential pathogenicity of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli and X. fuscans subsp. fuscans strains on bean genotypes with common blight resistance

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 555-560
N. Rosenzweig, G. Olaya, Z.K. Atallah, S. Cleere, C. Stanger and W.R. Stevenson (2008)
Monitoring and tracking changes in sensitivity to azoxystrobin fungicide in Alternaria solani in Wisconsin

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 561-568
N. Rosenzweig, Z.K. Atallah, G. Olaya and W.R. Stevenson (2008)
Evaluation of QoI fungicide application strategies for managing fungicide resistance and potato early blight epidemics in Wisconsin

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 569-574
Peter Kromann, Arturo Taipe, Jorge L. Andrade-Piedra, Lisa Munk and Gregory A. Forbes (2008)
Preemergence infection of potato sprouts by Phytophthora infestans in the highland tropics of Ecuador

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 575-580
L.G. Campbell, K.L. Klotz and L.J. Smith (2008)
Postharvest storage losses associated with rhizomania in sugar beet

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 581-587
Carl A. Strausbaugh, Eugene Rearick, Stacey Camp, John J. Gallian and Alan T. Dyer (2008)
Influence of Beet necrotic yellow vein virus on sugar beet storability

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 588-594
H.R. Pappu, I.M. Rosales and K.L. Druffel (2008)
Serological and molecular assays for rapid and sensitive detection of Iris yellow spot virus infection of bulb and seed onion crops

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 595-600
M. Berbegal, J. García-Jiménez and J. Armengol (2008)
Effect of cauliflower residue amendments and soil solarization on Verticillium wilt control in artichoke

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 601-606
Lee Burpee and Richard Latin (2008)
Reassessment of fungicide synergism for control of dollar spot

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 607-615
C.D. McAllister, J.W. Hoy and T.E. Reagan (2008)
Temporal increase and spatial distribution of sugarcane yellow leaf and infestations of the aphid vector, Melanaphis sacchari

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 616-622
Peter V. Oudemans, James J. Polashock and Bryan T. Vinyard (2008)
Fairy ring disease of cranberry: assessment of crop losses and impact on cultivar genotype

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 623-630
C.R. Hollingsworth, L.M. Atkinson, D.A. Samac, J.E. Larsen, C.D. Motteberg, M.D. Abrahamson, P. Glogoza and I.V. MacRae (2008)
Region and field level distributions of aster yellows phytoplasma in small grain crops

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 631-638
W.B. Dong, C.C. Holbrook, P. Timper, T.B. Brenneman, Y. Chu and P. Ozias-Akins (2008)
Resistance in peanut cultivars and breeding lines to three root-knot nematode species

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 639-641
R.G. Kwaye, P.W. Mashela, H. Shimelis and N. Mapope (2008)
Determination of Tylenchulus semipenetrans biotype in Zebediela and Champagne, Republic of South Africa

Plant Disease (2008) 92, 642-647
B.W. Schwingle and R.A. Blanchette (2008)
Host range investigations of new, undescribed, and common Phytophthora spp. isolated from ornamental nurseries in Minnesota

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 648 (Thuan et al.)
T.T.M. Thuan, N. Tho and B.C. Tuyen (2008)
First report of Rhizoctonia solani subgroup AG 1-ID causing leaf blight on durian in Vietnam

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 648 (Akad et al.)
F. Akad, S. Webb, T.W. Nyoike, O.E. Liburd, W. Turechek, S. Adkins and J.E. Polston (2008)
Detection of Cucurbit leaf crumple virus in Florida cucurbits

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 648 (Jordan et al.)
R.L. Jordan, M.A. Guaragna, T. Van Buren and M.L. Putnam (2008)
First report of a new potyvirus, Tricyrtis virus Y, and Lily virus X, a potexvirus, in Tricyrtis formosana in the United States

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 649 (Hassan et al.)
M. Hassan, P. Rysanek, M. Malfitano and D. Alioto (2008)
First report of Peach latent mosaic viroid infecting peach in Egypt

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 649 (Salehi et al.)
M. Salehi, K. Izadpanah and M. Siampour (2008)
First report of `Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii'-related strain associated with safflower phyllody disease in Iran

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 649 (Ftayeh et al.)
R. Ftayeh, A. von Tiedemann, B. Koopmann, K. Rudolph and M. Abu-Ghorrah (2008)
First record of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis causing canker of tomato plants in Syria

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 650 (Velasquez-Valle et al.)
R. Velásquez-Valle, M.M. Medina-Aguilar and R. Creamer (2008)
First report of Beet mild curly top virus infection of chile pepper in north-central Mexico

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 650 (Kaur et al.)
P. Kaur, C.X. Li, M.J. Barbetti, M.P. You, H. Li and K. Sivasithamparam (2008)
First report of powdery mildew caused by Erysiphe cruciferarum on Brassica juncea in Australia

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 650 (Thomidis et al.)
T. Thomidis and T.J. Michailides (2008)
First report of Stemphylium botryosum causing leaf blight of kiwi in the Province Imathia, northern Greece

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 651 (Rooney-Latham et al.)
S. Rooney-Latham, C.N. Janousek, A. Eskalen and W.D. Gubler (2008)
First report of Aspergillus carbonarius causing sour rot of table grapes (Vitis vinifera) in California

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 651 (Mathews et al.)
D.M. Mathews and J.A. Dodds (2008)
First report of Angelonia flower break virus in Nemesia spp. and other ornamental plants in California

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 651 (Belisario et al.)
A. Belisario, S. Vitale, L. Luongo, S. Nardi, S. Talevi and F. Corvi (2008)
First report of Stemphylium vesicarium as causal agent of wilting and root rotting of radish sprouts in Italy

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 652 (McBeath et al.)
J.H. McBeath, M. Cheng, P.A. Gay and T. Yokogi (2008)
First report of leaf smut on fescue (Festuca rubra) caused by Urocystis agropyri in interior Alaska

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 652 (Zhou et al.)
X.G. Zhou and K.L. Everts (2008)
First report of Alternaria alternata f. sp. cucurbitae causing Alternaria leaf spot of melon in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 652 (Gochez et al.)
A.M. Gochez and B.I. Canteros (2008)
Resistance to citrus canker caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri in an accession of Citrus sp. similar to grapefruit

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 653 (Bardas et al.)
G.A. Bardas, G.T. Tziros and K. Tzavella-Klonari (2008)
First report of ascochyta leaf spot caused by Phoma exigua var. exigua on common bean in Greece

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 653 (Wunsch et al.)
M.J. Wunsch, M.A. Dillon, R. Torres, H.F. Schwartz and G.C. Bergstrom (2008)
First report of brown root rot of alfalfa caused by Phoma sclerotioides in Colorado and New Mexico

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 653 (Lucero et al.)
X. Lucero, E.R. Wright and B.A. Pérez (2008)
Occurrence of late leaf rust caused by Pucciniastrum americanum in red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Entre Ríos, Argentina

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 654 (Tian et al.)
S.M. Tian, P. Ma, D.Q. Liu and M.Q. Zou (2008)
First report of Cercospora concors causing Cercospora leaf blotch of potato in Inner Mongolia, North China

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 654 (Lee et al.)
I.-M. Lee, K.D. Bottner, E.L. Dally and R.E. Davis (2008)
First report of purple coneflower phyllody associated with a 16SrI-B phytoplasma in Maryland

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 654 (Girsova et al.)
N. Girsova, K.D. Bottner, K.A. Mozhaeva, T.B. Kastalyeva, R.A. Owens and I.-M. Lee (2008)
Molecular detection and identification of group 16SrI and 16SrXII phytoplasmas associated with diseased potatoes in Russia

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 655 (Dor et al.)
E. Dor, H. Eizenberg, D.M. Joel, E. Levitin and J. Hershenhorn (2008)
First report of Orobanche crenata parasitism on ornamental anemone (Anemone coronaria) in Israel

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 655 (Garibaldi et al.)
A. Garibaldi, A. Minuto, M. Shiniti Uchimura and M.L. Gullino (2008)
Fusarium wilt of gerbera caused by a Fusarium sp. in Brazil

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 655 (Hsiao et al.)
W.W. Hsiao, Y.S. Wu, Y.N. Wang, B.L. Huang and L.C. Huang (2008)
First report of Rhizoctonia blight of a coastal redwood tissue-culture-derived saplings caused by Rhizoctonia solani AG-IV in Taiwan

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 656 (Schroeder et al.)
N.E. Schroeder, D.J. Gerhardt, A. Phibbs and A.E. MacGuidwin (2008)
First report of Cactodera milleri in Wisconsin

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 656 (Ling et al.)
K.S. Ling, C.S. Kousik and A.P. Keinath (2008)
First report of southern blight on bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) caused by Sclerotium rolfsii in South Carolina

Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 656 (Davey et al.)
J.F. Davey, N.F. Gregory, R.P. Mulrooney, T.A. Evans and R.B. Carroll (2008)
First report of mefenoxam-resistant isolates of Phytophthora capsici from lima bean pods in the Mid-Atlantic Region