Plant Disease (2008) 92, p. 833 (Eni et al.)

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A.O. Eni, P. Lava Kumar, R. Asiedu, O.J. Alabi, R.A. Naidu, J. d'A. Hughes and M.E.C. Rey (2008)
First report of Cucumber mosaic virus in yams (Dioscorea spp.) in Ghana, Togo, and Republic of Benin in West Africa
Plant Disease 92 (5), 833-833
Abstract: During 2005, yam (Dioscorea spp.) plants grown in Ghana, Togo, and the Republic of Benin were surveyed for virus diseases. The presence of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) was demonstrated in D. alata (N = 16) and D. rotundata plants using a sandwich-ELISA with polyclonal antibodies to a cowpea isolate of CMV as well as PCR analysis. Most were mixed infections together with Dioscorea bacilliform virus, Yam mild mosaic virus, or Yam mosaic virus.
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Cucumber mosaic virus Yam (Dioscorea) Benin
Cucumber mosaic virus Yam (Dioscorea) Ghana
Cucumber mosaic virus Yam (Dioscorea) Togo
Yam mosaic virus Yam (Dioscorea)
Yam mild mosaic virus Yam (Dioscorea)
Dioscorea bacilliform virus Yam (Dioscorea)