Plant Disease (2007) 91 (12)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2007 and volume (issue): 91 (12)

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1524-1530
Jerry E. Weiland and Glen R. Stanosz (2007)
The histology of hybrid poplar clones inoculated with Septoria musiva

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1531-1535
Ibrahim A.M. Saeed, Ann E. MacGuidwin, Douglas I. Rouse and Chris Malek (2007)
A field study on the influence of Verticillium dahliae and Pratylenchus penetrans on gas exchange of potato

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1536-1546
Francis P. Wong, Sharon L. Midland and Karla A. de la Cerda (2007)
Occurrence and distribution of QoI-resistant isolates of Colletotrichum cereale from annual bluegrass in California

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1547-1555
Francis P. Wong and Sharon L. Midland (2007)
Sensitivity distributions of California populations of Colletotrichum cereale to the DMI fungicides propiconazole, myclobutanil, tebuconazole, and triadimefon

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1556-1563
R.G. Bhat and G.T. Browne (2007)
Genetic diversity in populations of Phytophthora citricola associated with horticultural crops in California

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1564-1573
A.G. Zambounis, E. Paplomatas and A.S. Tsaftaris (2007)
Intergenic spacer-RFLP analysis and direct quantification of Australian Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum isolates from soil and infected cotton tissues

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1574-1578
Hiraku Orita, Jun-Ichi Sakai, Kenji Kubota, Mitsuru Okuda, Yuko Tanaka, Kaoru Hanada, Yukihisa Imamura, Masamichi Nishiguchi, Alexander V. Karasev, Shin-Ichi Miyata and Toru Iwanami (2007)
Molecular and serological characterization of Cucumber mottle virus, a new cucurbit-infecting tobamo-like virus

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1579-1584
Barbara Piskur, Nikica Ogris and Dusan Jurc (2007)
Species-specific primers for Eutypella parasitica, the causal agent of Eutypella canker of maple

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1585-1590
G. Kalyani, A.S. Reddy, P. Lava Kumar, R.D.V.J. Prasada Rao, R. Aruna, F. Waliyar and S.N. Nigam (2007)
Sources of resistance to Tobacco streak virus in wild Arachis (Fabaceae: Papilionoidae) germplasm

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1591-1599
Y. Morita and M. Tojo (2007)
Modifications of PARP medium using fluazinam, miconazole, and nystatin for detection of Pythium spp. in soil

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1600-1606
S.N. Mondal, A. Vicent, R.F. Reis and L.W. Timmer (2007)
Efficacy of pre- and postinoculation application of fungicides to expanding young citrus leaves for control of melanose, scab, and Alternaria brown spot

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1607-1611
A.P. Nyczepir and R. Rodriguez-Kabana (2007)
Preplant biofumigation with sorghum or methyl bromide compared for managing Criconemoides xenoplax in a young peach orchard

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1612-1620
Ning Zhang, David M. Geiser and Christine D. Smart (2007)
Macroarray detection of solanaceous plant pathogens in the Fusarium solani species complex

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1621-1624
Wang-Ching Ho, Tsung-Yu Wu, Huey-Jen Su and Wen-Hsiung Ko (2007)
Effect of Oriental medicinal plant extracts on spore germination of Alternaria brassicicola and nature of inhibitory substances from speedweed

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1625-1637
A. Rebollar-Alviter, L.V. Madden, S.N. Jeffers and M.A. Ellis (2007)
Baseline and differential sensitivity to two QoI fungicides among isolates of Phytophthora cactorum that cause leather rot and crown rot on strawberry

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1638-1646
Patrick J. Moran and Allan T. Showler (2007)
Phomopsis amaranthicola and Microsphaeropsis amaranthi symptoms on Amaranthus spp. under South Texas conditions

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1647-1650
D.E. Groth and J.A. Bond (2007)
Effects of cultivars and fungicides on rice sheath blight, yield, and quality

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1651-1656
Camilla B. Yandoc-Ables, Erin N. Rosskopf and Elizabeth M. Lamb (2007)
Management of Phytophthora crown rot in pumpkin and zucchini seedlings with phosphonates

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1657-1662
Mark A. Doster and Themis J. Michailides (2007)
Fungal decay of first-crop and main-crop figs

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1663-1668
Ronald J. Sayler and Yinong Yang (2007)
Detection and quantification of Rhizoctonia solani AG-1 IA, the rice sheath blight pathogen, in rice using real-time PCR

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1669-1674
J. Zhao, X.J. Wang, C.Q. Chen, L.L. Huang and Z.S. Kang (2007)
A PCR-based assay for detection of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in wheat

Plant Disease (2007) 91, 1675-1681
O.A. Akinsanmi, A.K. Miles and A. Drenth (2007)
Timing of fungicide applications for control of husk spot caused by Pseudocercospora macadamiae in macadamia

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1682 (Holguin-Pena et al.)
R.J. Holguín-Peña and E.O. Rueda-Puente (2007)
Detection of Tomato spotted wilt virus in tomato in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1682 (Rott et al.)
M. Rott, R. Johnson, C. Masters and M. Green (2007)
First report of bois noir phytoplasma in grapevine in Canada

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1682 (Tang et al.)
J. Tang, G.R.G. Clover and B.J.R. Alexander (2007)
First report of Apium virus Y in celery in New Zealand

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1683 (Sampangi et al.)
R.K. Sampangi, S.K. Mohan and H.R. Pappu (2007)
Identification of new alternative weed hosts for Iris yellow spot virus in the Pacific Northwest

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1683 (Carlucci et al.)
A. Carlucci, L. Colatruglio and S. Frisullo (2007)
First report of pitch canker caused by Fusarium circinatum on Pinus halepensis and P. pinea in Apulia (Southern Italy)

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1683 (Eisenback et al.)
J.D. Eisenback, D. Reaver and J.E. Ashley Jr. (2007)
First report of the nematode, Tylenchulus palustris, parasitizing peach in Virginia

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1684 (Rodriguez-Alvarado et al.)
G. Rodríguez-Alvarado, J. García-López, R. Rodríguez-Fernández, S.P. Fernández-Pavía and E. Garay-Serrano (2007)
First report of powdery mildew on greenhouse tomatoes caused by Oidium neolycopersici in Michoacan, Mexico

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1684 (Tredway et al.)
L.P. Tredway and E.L. Butler (2007)
First report of spring dead spot of zoysiagrass caused by Ophiosphaerella korrae in the United States

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1684 (Ko et al.)
Y. Ko, K.S. Yao, C.Y. Chen and C.H. Lin (2007)
First report of gray leaf spot of mango (Mangifera indica) caused by Pestalotiopsis mangiferae in Taiwan

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1685 (Rossman et al.)
A.Y. Rossman, R. Goenaga and L. Keith (2007)
First report of Dolabra nepheliae on rambutan and litchi in Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1685 (Latinovic et al.)
J. Latinovic, J.C. Batzer, K.B. Duttweiler, M.L. Gleason and G. Sun (2007)
First report of five sooty blotch and flyspeck fungi on Prunus americana in the United States

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1685 (Baino et al.)
O. Baino, A.C. Ramallo, S. Hongn and J.C. Ramallo (2007)
First report of Dothichiza caroliniana causing double spot on highbush blueberry in South America

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1686 (Thekkeveetil et al.)
T. Thekkeveetil, H.A. Hobbs, Y. Wang, D. Kridelbaugh, J. Donnelly, G.L. Hartman and L.L. Domier (2007)
First report of Soybean dwarf virus in soybean in northern Illinois

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1686 (Chandel et al.)
V. Chandel, T. Rana, V. Hallan and A.A. Zaidi (2007)
Wild Himalayan cherry (Prunus cerasoides) as a natural host of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus in India

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1686 (Ah-You et al.)
N. Ah-You, L. Gagnevin, O. Pruvost, N.T. Myint and G.I. Johnson (2007)
First report in Myanmar of Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. mangiferaeindicae causing mango bacterial canker on Mangifera indica

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1687 (Vrandecic et al.)
K. Vrandecic, J. Cosic, D. Jurkovic, L. Riccioni and T. Duvnjak (2007)
First report of Phomopsis longicolla on cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) in Croatia

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1687 (Chen et al.)
C.M. Chen, G.W. Douhan and F.P. Wong (2007)
First report of Waitea circinata var. circinata causing brown ring patch on Poa trivialis in California

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1687 (Trenado et al.)
H.P. Trenado, G. Lozano, R.A. Valverde and J. Navas-Castillo (2007)
First report of Sweet potato virus G and Sweet potato virus 2 infecting sweet potato in Spain

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1688 (Pryor et al.)
B.M. Pryor and M. Asma (2007)
First report of seedling damping-off of fennel caused by Alternaria petroselini in the Netherlands

Plant Disease (2007) 91, p. 1688 (Terlizzi et al.)
F. Terlizzi, A.R. Babini, C. Lanzoni, A. Pisi, R. Credi, X. Foissac and P. Salar (2007)
First report of a gamma 3-proteobacterium associated with diseased strawberries in Italy