Plant Disease (2006) 90 (4)

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Articles of Plant Disease entered for 2006 and volume (issue): 90 (4)

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 411-418
Deanna L. Funnell and Jeffrey F. Pedersen (2006)
Association of plant color and pericarp color with colonization of grain by members of Fusarium and Alternaria in near-isogenic sorghum lines

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 419-424
G.S. Karaoglanidis and G. Bardas (2006)
Control of benzimidazole- and DMI-resistant strains of Cercospora beticola with strobilurin fungicides

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 425-428
T.L. Widmer and F. Guermache (2006)
Factors affecting infection of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) by Synchytrium solstitiale, causal agent of false rust disease

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 429-432
T.L. Widmer (2006)
Cryopreservation of Synchytrium solstitiale in planta

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 433-438
R.N. Heath, M. Gryzenhout, J. Roux and M.J. Wingfield (2006)
Discovery of the canker pathogen Chrysoporthe austroafricana on native Syzygium spp. in South Africa

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 439-444
Kendra Baumgartner and Amy E. Warnock (2006)
A soil inoculant inhibits Armillaria mellea In Vitro and improves productivity of grapevines with root disease

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 445-450
G. Romanazzi, F. Mlikota Gabler and J.L. Smilanick (2006)
Preharvest chitosan and postharvest UV irradiation treatments suppress gray mold of table grapes

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 451-458
Diane A. Cuppels, Frank J. Louws and Teresa Ainsworth (2006)
Development and evaluation of PCR-based diagnostic assays for the bacterial speck and bacterial spot pathogens of tomato

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 459-464
P.A. Abbasi and G. Lazarovits (2006)
Seed treatment with phosphonate (AG3) suppresses pythium damping-off of cucumber seedlings

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 465-470
P.E. Robinson, J.B. Jones and Ken Pernezny (2006)
Bacterial leaf spot of lettuce: Relationship of temperature to infection and potential host range of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 471-475
Enrique E. Pérez and Edwin E. Lewis (2006)
Use of entomopathogenic nematodes and thyme oil to suppress plant-parasitic nematodes on English boxwood

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 476-480
Y. Jin and R.P. Singh (2006)
Resistance in U.S. wheat to recent Eastern African isolates of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici with virulence to resistance gene Sr31

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 481-486
Jose L. Henriquez, David Sugar and Robert A. Spotts (2006)
Induction of cankers on pear tree branches by Neofabraea alba and N. perennans, and fungicide effects on conidial production on cankers

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 487-492
K.L. Everts, S. Sardanelli, R.J. Kratochvil, D.K. Armentrout and L.E. Gallagher (2006)
Root-knot and root-lesion nematode suppression by cover crops, poultry litter, and poultry litter compost

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 493-500
E.G. Cantonwine, A.K. Culbreath, K.L. Stevenson, R.C. Kemerait Jr., T.B. Brenneman, N.B. Smith and B.G. Mullinix Jr. (2006)
Integrated disease management of leaf spot and spotted wilt of peanut

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 501-505
K.S. Jordan and N.A. Mitkowski (2006)
Population dynamics of plant-parasitic nematodes in golf course greens turf in southern New England

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 506-512
Wen-Hsin Chung, Hideo Ishii, Kumiko Nishimura, Masako Fukaya, Kazutaka Yano and Yuji Kajitani (2006)
Fungicide sensitivity and phylogenetic relationship of anthracnose fungi isolated from various fruit crops in Japan

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 513-518
H.A. Hobbs, C.B. Hill, C.R. Grau, N.C. Koval, Y. Wang, W.L. Pedersen, L.L. Domier and G.L. Hartman (2006)
Green stem disorder of soybean

Plant Disease (2006) 90, 519-522
W.S. Monfort, T.L. Kirkpatrick and C.S. Rothrock (2006)
Effects of nocturnal soil temperatures and Meloidogyne incognita densities on cotton seedling growth and the interaction with Thielaviopsis basicola

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 523 (Marcum et al.)
D.B. Marcum and R.M. Davis (2006)
First report of damping-off of wild rice in California caused by Pythium torulosum

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 523 (Alvarez et al.)
L.A. Álvarez, A. Pérez-Sierra, M. León, J. Armengol and J. García-Jiménez (2006)
Lavender cotton root rot: A new host of Phytophthora tentaculata found in Spain

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 523 (Dal Zotto et al.)
A. Dal Zotto, J.M. Ortego, J.M. Raigón, S. Caloggero, M. Rossini and D.A. Ducasse (2006)
First report in Argentina of Plum pox virus causing sharka disease in Prunus

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 524 (Uchida et al.)
J. Uchida, S. Zhong and E. Killgore (2006)
First report of a rust disease on ohia caused by Puccinia psidii in Hawaii

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 524 (Nischwitz et al.)
C. Nischwitz, S.W. Mullis, R.D. Gitaitis and A.S. Csinos (2006)
First report of Tomato spotted wilt virus in soybean (Glycine max) in Georgia

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 524 (Gaetan et al.)
S.A. Gaetán, L. Fernandez and M. Madia (2006)
Occurrence of charcoal rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina on canola in Argentina

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 525 (Nischwitz et al.)
C. Nischwitz, S.W. Mullis, R.D. Gitaitis, A.S. Csinos and S.M. Olson (2006)
First report of Tomato spotted wilt virus in leek (Allium porrum) in the United States

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 525 (Tunali et al.)
B. Tunali, A. Yildirim, M.C. Aime and J.R. Hernández (2006)
First report of rust disease caused by Uromyces galegae on Galega officinalis in Turkey

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 525 (Hong et al.)
C.X. Hong, P.A. Richardson, P. Kong, S.N. Jeffers and S.W. Oak (2006)
Phytophthora tropicalis isolated from diseased leaves of Pieris japonica and Rhododendron catawbiense and found in irrigation water and soil in Virginia

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 526 (Roca et al.)
M.M. Roca, M.G. Castillo, N.A. Harrison and C. Oropeza (2006)
First report of a 16SrIV group phytoplasma associated with declining coyol palms in Honduras

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 526 (Bananej et al.)
K. Bananej, C. Desbiez, C. Wipf-Scheibel, I. Vahdat, A. Kheyr-Pour, A. Ahoonmanesh and H. Lecoq (2006)
First report of Cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus in Iran causing yellows on four cucurbit crops

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 526 (Putnam et al.)
M.L. Putnam and M. Miller (2006)
Pathogenic isolates of Rhodococcus fascians from new hosts in the United States

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 527 (Schwarz et al.)
P.B. Schwarz, S.M. Neate and G.E. Rottinghaus (2006)
Widespread occurrence of ergot in upper midwestern U.S. barley, 2005

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 527 (Harrison et al.)
N.A. Harrison, M.L. Carpio and E. Boa (2006)
First report of `Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris'-related strains infecting Chinaberry trees with leaf yellowing symptoms in Vietnam

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 527 (Belair et al.)
G. Bélair and S. Miller (2006)
First report of Globodera tabacum infecting tobacco plants in Quebec, Canada

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 528 (Pratt)
R.G. Pratt (2006)
Johnsongrass, yellow foxtail, and broadleaf signalgrass as new hosts for six species of Bipolaris, Curvularia, and Exserohilum pathogenic to bermudagrass

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 528 (Maroon-Lango et al.)
C.J. Maroon-Lango, J. Hammond, S. Warnke, R. Li and R. Mock (2006)
First report of Lolium latent virus in ryegrass in the United States

Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 528 (Verhoeven et al.)
J.Th.J. Verhoeven, C.C.C. Jansen and J.W. Roenhorst (2006)
First report of Tomato apical stunt viroid in tomato in Tunisia