Plant Disease (2006) 90, p. 526 (Putnam et al.)

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M.L. Putnam and M. Miller (2006)
Pathogenic isolates of Rhodococcus fascians from new hosts in the United States
Plant Disease 90 (4), 526-526
Abstract: Herbaceous ornamental plants showing symptoms of leafy galls or basal or axillary shoot proliferation are often infected by the bacterium Rhodococcus fascians. The identification is based on the nutritional profile, other characteristics of the isolates as well as inoculation of peas causing shoot proliferations. Eight species not previously reported as hosts to Rhodococcus fascians have been identified in the USA: Acanthus mollis, Campanula sarastro, Heliopsis helianthoides, Nemesia, Hosta, Verbascum, Veronica spicata and Viola.
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Rhodococcus fascians Campanula (crop)
Rhodococcus fascians Hosta (crop)
Rhodococcus fascians Viola (crop)
Rhodococcus fascians Veronica (crop)